Looking after your battery – why is it so important?

Maintaining and using your batteries properly, especially during the winter, is crucial for carefree independence.

If you don’t care for your battery, then you run the risk of reducing its lifespan, range and reliability. If you own a scooter or powerchair, the tips below will help your battery last as long as possible and keep you mobile without any worries.

How long should a battery last? 

When it comes to replacing the batteries in your product, there is a huge variety available. Ideally you should invest in good quality batteries and follow the tips in this blog to ensure maximum performance and longevity. 

All batteries are covered by a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty; this is the minimum timescale in which all batteries are expected to last regardless of their care and usage. For a more lightweight product, we would expect batteries to last two to three years if they are looked after. A heavier product requires more power and therefore optimum battery performance may be nearer 12–18 months. By having an annual service, you can track the life left in your batteries which can help with balancing future costs.

Don’t over charge your battery 

We find this to be the most common issue when it comes to reduced battery lifespan. If we consider a typical mobility scooter, we would expect it to be fully charged within 8 hours. This is ideal for charging overnight but if your battery does not have ‘over charge protection’ don’t forget to disconnect it in the morning!

Use the right charger

Utilising the correct charger for any product should be self-explanatory. They are chargers that are tested with both the product and their battery to ensure optimum performance. The supplied charger will be safely tested to work with the battery’s internal chemistry e.g. lead acid, gel, lithium, AGM etc. They will also ensure the battery is charged at the right speed and with the correct wattage. 

Safety is paramount when it comes to charging batteries. This is why all our chargers comply with the latest safety standards that ensure fire-free peace of mind.

Complete a full cycle with your new batteries

When you get your new batteries, either as replacements or in a new product, it’s always best to check they are fully charged. If so, there is no need to charge them, meaning you start using the batteries in the best way possible without overcharging. 

Once you’re ready to go, we recommend you use your battery’s full capacity at least three-to-four times in the beginning. This means running them down to red before recharging them. Then complete an overnight charge and repeat every time the battery is almost out of power.

Keep charging when product isn’t in use

Commonly a scooter can be left in storage during the winter months when the weather isn’t so good. If that’s the case, you’ll find it has no power at all when you come to turn it on in the Spring. Draining the battery in this way is no good for its long-term performance. So even if you’re not using your product, we recommend you complete a full drain and charge every four-to-six weeks. This way when you start going out again, your battery will give you better reliability and the range you expect. 

Always remember to look after your battery and it will look after you!

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