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Navigate city streets, cruise the backroads or tackle cobblestones. No matter where you go, let Ethos take you there. Ethos delivers unrivalled ride quality and performance packaged in a strikingly sculpted design unlike anything you have ever experienced.


Iso Tech – vibration-damping polymers

Iso Tech (Isolation Technology) is a patent-pending method of isolating the seat frame from the base frame using vibration-damping polymers. These act in unison to significantly reduce vibration that has been linked to pain and fatigue in studies. The casters are no longer attached to the frame you sit on, so vibrations from the casters are not transferred to the footplate and your body.

Whole Body Vibration

Research has shown that whole-body vibration from wheelchair use can be linked to pain and fatigue. Iso Tech significantly reduces the vibrations you feel from your wheelchair, noticeable even when just rolling over everyday surfaces.

No other chair can give you a ride like this.

Performance Frame

The Ki Mobility Ethos rigid wheelchair base frame has been engineered with incredible rigidity for optimum performance. Its front caster design provides just the right flex to smoothly navigate bumps and cracks.

It is also the only rigid frame that lets you independently adjust your wheelbase for increased stability and performance.


Ethos by Ki Mobility was designed to make optimisation easy. You can easily adjust the centre of gravity, seat depth and front and rear seat heights to achieve the optimum set-up for maximum performance.


Choose from 21 frame colours, 8 highlights and 8 anodised options. Make it as bright and bold as your personality, or make a power statement with a more subtle and sleek design.

How do you find a wheelchair suitable for you?

Contact us! You honestly can’t beat our expertise and knowledge in individual products and our speciality is finding the right product for you! We don’t carry out assessments intending to supply the most expensive wheelchairs or powered wheelchairs.

Recare is highly recommended due to our unique specialist in a family-run business ethos of sourcing the product that fits your needs and maximises your quality of life, a wheelchair that means you can do as much as possible.

What do all the wheelchair options mean?

See the Recare Manual Wheelchair Guide to learn more about the wheelchair options available.


Ki Mobility


Technical Specifications

Transport Weight5.26 kg | 11.6 lbs.
Seat Width12 - 20" | 30 - 51 cm
Seat Depth14 - 20" | 36 - 51 cm
Front Seat Height13.5 - 20.5" | 34 - 52 cm
Rear Seat Height13.5 - 20" | 34 - 51 cm
Camber0° | 2° | 4° | 6° | 8°
Tubing Size1.1" | 2.86 cm
Weight Capacity124.7 kg | 275 lbs.



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