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The folding tilt-in-space wheelchair for aesthetics and performance

From the first concept to the final system, every aspect of the Enzo was designed to maximise both aesthetics and performance. Enzo’s cast aluminium frame and precise machining provide unparalleled rigidity in folding and rigid configurations.


Designed to maximise both aesthetics and performance.

Every Enzo by Quantum Rehab aspect was designed to maximise aesthetics and performance from the first concept to the final system. Enzo’s cast aluminium frame and precise machining provide unparalleled rigidity in folding and rigid configurations.

Folds Compactly

The frame folds down into a compact size, perfect for storage and transport.

Smooth Tilt Operation

Find the most comfortable position with the Enzo’s smooth tilt functions:

45° Posterior Tilt

Optional 5° Anterior Tilt

Folding Frame with Excellent Rigidity

Rigid Frame Option

Numerous Wheel and Caster Choices

Hand or Foot Tilt Options

Push to Lock, Hub Lock, or Drum Brakes

Adjustable Depth Clamping Seat Rails

Adjustable Height Clamping Back Canes


Quantum Rehab


Technical Specifications

Max. Weight Limit84 kg | 185 lbs
Seat Depth11 - 20" | 28 - 51 cm
Seat Width12 - 18" | 30 - 46 cm
Seat to Floor13.5 - 20" | 34 - 51 cm
Tilt Angle-5° - 45°
Hip Angle90° - 110°



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