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The only power-pack that can be folded with your wheelchair.

With the new Empulse R20 pushing aid, it has never been easy to support the attendant pushing the wheelchair.

Whether uphill, downhill or long trips, the R20 helps in every situation. Combining a unique folding function, the lightweight R20 is under 5 kg providing easy transportation and literally no impact when self-propelling your wheelchair.

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Pushing has never been so easy.

The Empulse R20 powerpack by Sunrise Medical has never been easy to support the attendant pushing the wheelchair.


With a 4.5kg total transport weight and unique folding function, the R20 is ideal for storage and transport without compromising performance and durability. The R20 is also incredibly easy to use, with a push to control, two pegs mounting, and an easy-to-read display.

Storage and Transport

The R20 is the only powerpack on the market that can be folded with a wheelchair. This unique feature means you no longer have to connect and disconnect when transporting or storing the wheelchair.

Modern Backpack

The lightweight R20 and the stylish backpack allow easy handling, easy transport & also easy adaptation to nearly any wheelchair.


Despite its lightweight nature and compact appearance, there is no compromise on performance. The R20 can achieve a 9-mile range and can climb 5cm kerbs and 10-degree slopes.  It will also cater for users up to 170kg in weight (190kg total, including the wheelchair), which means the R20 is a product that works for all.

Highest reliability

The powerful motor with a lithium-ion battery provides the highest reliability. The R20 propulsion aid offers an extended warranty on the motor (3 years) and the lithium-Ion battery (2 years).

The R20 is one of the lightest power packs on the market, with a total carry weight of just 4.5kg; it is less than half the weight of other power packs currently available. This includes 3kg for the motor and a 1.4kg lithium-ion battery which can be disconnected and transported separately.

The intuitive, easy to grip two peg design allows easy mounting without using any tools.

The easy to use control system has one push button to go and an easy to read display showing the speed and battery gauges. A height-adjustable handle allows the user to achieve the most comfortable position when operating the device.

The R20 contains 250w brushless motors that don’t wear over time versus traditional brushed versions, as well as a powerful, robust and long-lasting tyre and a lithium-ion battery, ensuring a durable and reliable product. This is reinforced with an extended 2-year warranty on the battery and 3 years on the motor.


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Technical Specifications

Seat Width12.5 - 24" | 32 - 60 cm
Max. Range15 km | 9 miles
Max. Speed5 kph | 3 mph
Batteries5.8 Ah
Maximum Safe Slope10° | 18%
Max Kerb Climb2" | 5 cm
Weight3 kg | 6.6 lbs
Maximum Load Weight190 kg | 419 lbs



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