ChampDriver -Removable Power Assist

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Lightweight wheelchair power add-on ready for where it is hard to push

Reduces the number of times you have to push in a day. This helps reduce fatigue and pain and helps you move independently. ChampDriver is a very compact, portable device that will fit in your backpack and can be charged quickly.


Revolutionary wheelchair power assist

ChampDriver is the wheelchair power assisted Add-On device that will fit virtually any active wheelchair, both rigid frame and folding.  ChampDriver is designed to help overcome the effects of the prolonged pushing active wheelchair users encounter.  The wheelchair power add-on deals with complex surfaces like carpets, grass and hills.

Save those shoulders and elbows with the ChampDriver!

ChampDriver is not loud or too big for small spaces or for use indoors.  It is operated from a control unit that can be situated on the frame or armrest and has 3-speed settings – from 2 kph to 6 kph.  ChampDriver has a powerful 250w brushless motor and a lithium battery, making it light and efficient.

After an initial set-up that requires no tools, ChampDriver can be fitted or removed with ease.

You can click and go whenever you please. ChampDriver is a very compact, portable device that weighs just 6.8kg and fully charges from drained in 3 ½ hours.


Drive Unit

8-inch brushless motor, 16 roller wheel


Aluminium body








Up to 17km | 10.5 Miles (Affected by user weight & Terrain)

3 Speed Options

2 kph (1.2mph)

4 kph (2.4mph)

6 kph (4mph)


Suitable for both rigid and folding active wheelchairs


Flexel Mobility


User maul


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