Tim’s tips – Decon E-Move and E-Drive

Recare’s product Q&A with our resident expert Tim Cox

Hi everyone, welcome to my latest advice blog. This month, I’ve decided to answer common questions on our Decon E-Move and E-Drive products. So let’s dive in….


What is the E-Move?

It’s a power assist system that mounts onto the wheel hubs of manual wheelchairs so self-propulsion is easier. It offers power each time you push your hand rims so strain on your arms and shoulders is reduced. It is not controlled by a joystick control and offers flexibility both indoors and out. Think ‘I want to move myself’ ie. the E-Move.

Are the hand-rims programmable?

Yes. You can adjust the power output of each wheel individually so if you are stronger on one side, the system will compensate and reduce the drive. This means if you have uneven strength, your wheelchair will still propel in a straight line.

There is also a switch to choose between an outdoor or indoor speed setting. So, say if you are going into a shop and it’s too fast, you can flick the switch to reduce the power assistance when you propel the wheels. Conversely when you leave, you can toggle back to the outdoor setting for more pace over longer distances.

Why is the E-Move better than similar products?

Simply, it is so much easier to use. Others can have awkward dials to adjust or complex Apps to programme which can be confusing. Whereas I think the E-Move is so much easier. That’s a big plus, it’s not complicated. Once it’s programmed, you just have to push two buttons. It’s so user friendly.

Who is the E-Move ideal for?

Everyone who’s looking for the best of both worlds from their wheelchair – manual and powered. As it can be turned on and off at the press of a button, users can still fully self-propel when they prefer. Everyone’s physio will encourage them to do this for exercise if they can. And if owners get tired, they can simply turn on the system to ease the strain of pushing hand rims. Equally if longer distances need to be covered or uneven terrain tackled, the E-Move will massively help so when you reach your destination, you have more energy. The system is effective even for people with substantially limited arm strength… it’s a superb product.


What is the E-Drive?

It’s a wheelchair power assist product that consists of two motors that attach to your wheel hubs and are controlled by a joystick. Different to the E-Move, the E-Drive is all about ‘I want to drive myself’ – so a power add-on for more full-time use, with the option to quickly swap to manual wheels at any point.

What type of person purchases the E-Drive?

Typically, they will own an active, lightweight manual wheelchair that has been tailored to their needs. However, they need more regular powered assistance than users of the E-Move. They benefit from having power assisted wheels at the back and a joystick at the front. 

As wheels with the E-Move can be quickly swapped with standard wheels, users have the choice to propel manually or rely on complete power assistance. Portability is the key point here with storage in a compact car boot easy and straightforward.

What benefits does it provide?

There are many. One major one is the cost savings of buying the E-Drive instead of a true powerchair. Owners can still keep their manual wheelchair and add power when they need to, instead of buying another product. 

Another advantage is you can get more range out of this system on a single battery charge. As the power units are on the wheels themselves, instead of on a separate unit, the system is more efficient. Plus if you want to go cross country, we now offer chunky off-road wheels with the E-Move.

Decon E-Drive power assisted unit out in the woods

Will it fit to my existing wheelchair?

Yes. We have a wide range of brackets to suit all types of wheelchairs and at Recare we have a full engineering department so we can customise brackets to fit certain specialist wheelchairs. 

Is the battery airplane friendly?

Yes. The E-Drive is supplied with a standard nickel battery compatible with IATA regulations which can be taken on a plane. However, we always advise that you check with your airline first before flying.

Any more top tips?

Absolutely. If you’re looking to tackle longer distance and off-road trails, why not add a third tracking wheel on the front of your wheelchair. This lifts up your wheelchair front castors, so you have a smoother ride and less wear and tear. With the combination of this and powered rear wheels, you’ll have greater everyday capability over uneven pavements and countryside tracks.

And finally, it’s worth investing in some anti-tipper jacks for your wheelchair if you choose an E-Drive. These can ‘jack up’ your wheelchair so it’s easier to swap your main wheels. 

So, there you have it, I hope my latest tips have helped. To find our whether a Decon power add-on is right for you, please give me or the friendly Recare team a call on: 01993 880200 or email info@recare.co.uk

See you next month!