Tim’s tips – Benoit Light Drive

Recare’s product Q&A with our resident expert Tim Cox

Hi everyone, welcome to my latest advice blog. This month, I’ve decided to answer common questions on our range of ‘Benoit Systemes Light Drive’ wheelchair power add-ons. So here goes…

What is a Benoit?

It’s a battery operated, power add-on which converts a manual wheelchair to a powerchair. Easy and quick to attach/detach, it gives power to your rear wheels so you can avoid fatigue from self-propulsion over long distances, on challenging surfaces and up slopes. 

Lightweight and fully portable, the Benoit range gives you the best of both worlds – it ensures you keep your manual wheelchair and don’t have to buy an additional powerchair for more challenges journeys. It’s a very high quality, reliable and flexible solution for the price.

See more of the range here

Who does a Benoit best suit?

A Benoit power add-on is ideal for everyone. If you are looking for a solution that’s easy to take with you in the car and quick to fit, then the Benoit is perfect. We think it’s one of the most flexible, cost-effective choices for greater independence locally and further afield.

Can I take it on a plane?

We get asked this a lot and the answer is yes! If you choose the optional flight friendly battery* your Benoit will be accepted onboard by all airlines. You can choose to carry in the plane cabin or check it in as luggage for the hold. The fact that’s it’s easy to lift and comes with a travel bag makes taking it abroad stress-free. 

* 11.4AH lithium-ion battery compatible with IATA regulations

Will it fit my wheelchair?

The great thing about the Benoit is it suits all wheelchairs with a 32cm+ seat width and 40cm width between the wheels. So, if you already have a wheelchair there is no need to change it. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a new wheelchair, we can supply with the Benoit brackets already fitted so you’ll be good to go immediately. 

Could it wear down my tyres?

By using a Benoit there will be no extra relative wear on your wheelchair tyres. The way its smooth power drive barrels contact your tyres means there is no extra friction on the rubber. Obviously with this powered assistance you’ll probably be travelling further so you might need to replace your tyres sooner. If you choose Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyres or equivalent, then extra wear can be reduced. And also don’t forget, you’ll need pneumatic (air filled) tyres for the Benoit to work, not solid tyres.

How long will it last?

Good question. If you have your Benoit serviced annually with us, there is no reason why your power add-on won’t last for many years to come. We have clients who have Benoit’s that are over 15 years old and are still going strong! You get a 24-month warranty free of charge.

What does it weigh and how far can I go?

It depends on what model you choose but if you went for the Light Drive 2.1., it only weighs 8.8kg and will drive you up to 15–18km on a single charge.

So, there you have it, I hope these answers have helped. However, to find our whether a Benoit system is definitely right for you, please give me or the friendly Recare team a call on: 01993 880200 or email: info@recare.co.uk 

See you next month!