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Introducing our lightweight user-assisted power add-on, designed to enhance mobility and independence for wheelchair users facing challenges with manual propulsion. This innovative device is compatible with all types of wheelchairs, offering a seamless integration for users seeking greater ease of movement.

With our power add-on, navigating difficult terrain or inclines becomes significantly easier, empowering users to maintain their independence and explore their surroundings with confidence. Whether it’s traversing through uneven surfaces or conquering steep hills, our user-assisted power add-on provides the extra boost needed for a smoother and more enjoyable journey.

Say goodbye to the limitations of manual propulsion and hello to newfound freedom and mobility. Experience the difference with our user-assisted power add-on, where pushing becomes effortless, and independence reigns supreme.

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Sometimes you have to work hard to get over obstacles or up slopes. Over time, these efforts are likely to cause pain, especially in the shoulders. According to clinical studies, 30 to 73% of manual wheelchair users suffer from shoulder pain. Reduce wear and tear and get help in everyday situations. Yomper adapts to your needs and different situations. Its unique central position makes you almost forget that the Yomper is mounted on your wheelchair. The EasyGo box provides convenient and easy handling, it is easily connected via Bluetooth to Yomper. You can set Yomper in 2 different modes: indoor and outdoor. As an option, there is a care control that can be connected to Yomper.

Yomper power assist

Yomper is an electric drive unit that complements your manual wheelchair, helps and assists you on slopes, on uneven ground or completely overcomes everyday obstacles.

External control unit

As an option, there is an external control unit that is easily mounted on the wheelchair handle. The maximum speed is 6km/h.

Easy to install

Two small wheels (at the front of your Yomper+) and raised handle allow you to easily attach and/or detach it from your wheelchair. You don’t have to lift it, even if its light (5.8 kg).

Easy to handle

The combination of its innovative positioning in-line with the rear axle of your wheelchair and its freewheeling capability allows you to perfectly maintain the dynamics of your wheelchair.

Keep your wheelchair

The Yomper+ is compatible with most of fixed or foldable wheelchairs. The folding wheelchair remains foldable thanks to its retractable support 😉. How ? We only add a mounting bracket below your wheelchair.

Easygo: wireless controller

Intuitive and reassuring, the EasyGo control box can be put either on the tube of the wheelchair or on your leg. 100% customizable, configure your Yomper+ according to your strength and mobility requirements.

Adapt your ride to your environment

The 5 speeds per mode (indoor or outdoor) allows you to adapt your speed to your environment. Spare your shoulders and arms even when traveling in difficult conditions (slopes, grass, gravel…).

Steer with handrims

You won’t need to propel yourself thanks to your arms strenght anymore, the Yomper+ will do it for you. The only thing you have to do is steer with your handrims. Last but not least, you can brake the wheelchair with the handrims using indoor mode.

Small but powerful

Thanks to a powerful 250W motor capable of speeds up to 10 km/h. Energy efficient, it has a range up to 35 km. It facilitates your daily trips whether in town or in the countryside. The Yomper+ will be your best travel partner.

Easy to transport

The Yomper+ is barely noticeable and remains easy to handle at all times. Compact and lightweight, it will be your travel companion thanks to its included travel case.

Escape with the Yomper+

Whatever type of battery you choose, you can fly! In fact, all Yomper+ batteries are certified to comply with air transport regulations.



Technical Specifications

RangeUp to 35km
SpeedUp to 10km/h
User weightUp to 150kg

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