Vicair Adjuster O2 Cushion

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Suitable for use with asymmetric body contours and amputations

The Vicair Adjuster 02 wheelchair cushion offers perfect support for the asymmetric body. Automatically manages small obliquities. Individually adjustable to support more extreme asymmetry.


Adjuster O2 Vicair Pressure Relieving Wheelchair Cushion 1

The Vicair Adjuster O2 wheelchair cushion is extremely suitable for use with asymmetric body contours and amputations. It automatically manages small obliquities and is individually adjustable to support more extreme asymmetry.

Equally, redistribute pressure and prevents sliding forward.

When looking for a high comfort level, optimal skin protection and stability: the Adjuster O2 is always a safe choice. The design allows total immersion to equally redistribute pressure and prevents sliding forward.

100% machine washable and breathable for optimal hygiene and perfect temperature and moisture regulation.

Optimal protection against skin breakdown.

As a result, the Adjuster O2, filled with tetrahedron-shaped Vicair SmartCells, offers you optimal protection against skin breakdown.

Adjuster O2 Vicair Pressure Relieving Wheelchair Cushion 3

The Vicair Adjuster O2 is a wheelchair cushion that helps prevent pressure ulcers. It is also a high-quality addition to a pressure ulcer treatment plan (stage I-IV).





Vicair offer a range of wheelchair cushions which redistribute pressure and reduce shear, with each model providing varying degrees of positioning capabilities. Unlike inflatable air cushions, if one or more air cells were to fail, your skin integrity won't be compromised. A Vicair wheelchair cushion contains hundreds of SmartCells which ultimately provides a reliable solution.

Technical Specifications

Available height2.5" 6 cm
4" 10 cm
Average weight725 grams
Maximum user weight250 kg
Ready for useYes
Machine washableYes. Max. 60°C
Drying timeAir dry 5 to 6 hours
Latex freeYes
Warranty24 months on inner cover
Lifetime Warranty on SmartCells
Standard coverVicair O2 Top Cover
Available coversVicair O2 Top Cover
Comfair Cover
Incotec Cover
Reversible Cover
Machine washableYes. Max. 60°C
Latex freeYes

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