VELTOP Cosy Plus 2 Rain Canopy

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Rain and sun canopy for manual and powered wheelchairs

Move around in any weather with your wheelchair and enjoy the comfort of our new rain, cold and sun protection. Easy to use, the VELTOP COSY PLUS 2 Canopy folds and retracts easily.

The addition of leg protection in this VELTOP COSY PLUS 2 Canopy version keeps your entire body and the joystick dry. On top of that, you will have now improved visibility on the front part of the VELTOP COSY PLUS 2 Canopy. You can choose between a transparent soft PVC or a polycarbonate element.



The VELTOP COSY PLUS 2 Canopy model can be installed on all standard or electric wheelchairs, equipped with a horizontal tube or two vertical tubes behind the seat or with a gliding headrest held by two tubes.

Rain protection

Cold protection

Sun protection


Made-to-measure for wheelchairs

The VELTOP COSY PLUS 2 Canopy protection was designed and developed in collaboration with wheelchair users. It provides an effective and simple solution for sheltering from the rain and sun.

100% modular protection

The VELTOP COSY PLUS 2 Canopy model offers several possible configurations and makes it possible to adapt its degree of protection according to the weather.

VELTOP COSY PLUS 2 Canopy consists of a canopy to which you can add a flexible or polycarbonate transparent front part to which you can connect as an option for leg protection.

Simple to use

The design of the VELTOP COSY PLUS 2 Canopy makes it easy to handle, unfolding and retracting in 2 seconds.

The different parts of the VELTOP COSY PLUS 2 Canopy are attached with scratches and zip fasteners.

The tubular structure supporting the VELTOP COSY PLUS 2 Canopy remains on the chair.

The three parts of the VELTOP COSY PLUS 2 Canopy can be removed without tools in 30 seconds.

Adapted height

The dimensions and volume of the protection allow the wheelchair to be inserted into a suitable vehicle without removing the VELTOP COSY PLUS 2 Canopy.

Leg protection

A central magnet and scratches connect The leg protection to the front part. It also protects the joystick from rain. It has an adjustable gusset to increase its length if necessary.

Durable components

All the parts used are designed and assembled in workshops in France, and 90% of them are manufactured within a 30-mile radius. They are selected to guarantee a long life for the product.

Polycarbonate windscreen, stainless steel and aluminium metal parts, water-repellent polyester fabric, etc…

Adaptable on the majority of powered and manual wheelchairs

The VELTOP COSY 2 is light and can be installed on most wheelchairs.


The model can be used in two different ways :

Protection outstretched

With or without the front part.

With or without lower protection for the legs.

Protection pushed totally backside

With the leg protection.

With or without the front aspect.




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