Quantum Stealth TRU-Comfort 2 Cushion

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TRU-Comfort 2 Seating and Positioning cushion

Adjustable positioning and pressure management.  This cushion offers skin protection and positioning with a Coolcore, 4-way stretch, breathable cover and a urethane liner.
Multi-layered foam, deep contour, CoolCore cushion cover with side pockets.


A deep-contoured, high-density moulded foam seat cushion with a viscoelastic total top layer provides superb comfort and support.

TRU-Comfort 2 by Quantum Rehab Seating and Positioning products provide adjustable positioning and pressure management and are compatible with both TRU-Balance® Power Positioning Systems and the Synergy® Seat Frame System.


Four-way stretch, recovery, fluid-resistant, breathable cover

Additional 1″ of viscoelastic foam in the seat cushion for maximum comfort

Pelvic well

High contour side for femur positioning

Reduces pressure

What is CoolCore®?

4-Way Stretch nylon interlock with Elastane

Patented combination of chemical-free blends that deliver 3 distinct functions:

Moisture Wicking to Moisture Transportation to Moisture Evaporation.

Exclusive to Stealth Products.

Year-Round Temperature Control

CoolCore fabrics wick moisture away from the body in every direction, keeping you dry and comfortable no matter what season.

Breakthrough Technology

Research-driven, patented fabrics from Coolcore are chemical-free and yield remarkable benefits.

They cool better, last much longer, and protect from the sun’s harmful rays (UPF).


Quantum Rehab




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