Ottobock Shape Moulded Seating

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Integral areas of flexibility or strength with adaptability to your unique shape

Matrix Seating comprises interlocking components fitted together to create a custom contoured seating solution. The design means that there is potential to adjust the shape with critical areas of flexibility or strength as the user requires.


Personalised Clinical Assessment

Recare offers a free complex rehabilitation and specialist seating clinic; email us for availability. This service is a unique facility offering a one-stop-shop for your qualified clinical seating specialists and expert complex rehabilitation consultants working together, and available to access throughout your customer journey, including follow up appointments and adjustments to suit your unique requirements.

Recare can arrange a home assessment which can be discussed by contacting us by email for further information.

Custom Contoured Seating

Shape Moulded Seating is appropriate for users that require a high level of support from their seating systems. It has been designed as a streamlined seat with a thinner profile that can be trimmed down to suit the user’s needs or fit in a variety of wheelbases.

Comprising two moulded foam liners inside a strong moulded plastic shell, it can accommodate some growth by removing the liner layers.

This seat is carved and vacuum formed, using computer-aided manufacturing techniques to assure the uniformity and strength of the seat in all areas.

Customisable Design

The seat design can incorporate various reinforcing methods to offer increased strength without the need to frame externally. Pressure recesses and ventilation can also be introduced in areas where additional cushioning or air circulation may be required.

The Shape Moulded Seat can be manufactured with either upholstered bonded or loose covers. All covers are machine washable and adherent to the standards required.

All our seats are supplied with 2 sets of fabric covers and a pelvic positioning belt. We have a range of chest harnesses, headrests and footrests. For those that require additional support, we offer the ability to custom design any of these components.

The final seat is designed to suit your clinical and environmental needs, and we aim to make the seat as compact, stable and secure as possible.

This seat is effortless to interface to several commonly used wheelbases.

High-Quality Pressure Relieving Supportive Foam

Custom moulded to suit your body shape and needs

Low profile design

Optimal combination of strong support and pressure distribution

Available as seat or back only or as a complete system

Strong ABS plastic shell requires no external framing

Available in an extensive range of fabrics and finishes

It fits most wheelchairs and is available with a wide range of accessories

Available with Wheelair integrated fan cooling system

It can be manufactured as a custom Commode seat

Manufactured in the UK




Technical Information

Robust seating system tailor-made to your physical needs

Superb ventilation for users that suffer from excessive heat

The ability to grow and adapt the seat over time to suit your needs

Potential to reinforce the seat in specific areas for more robust users

Possible to add flexibility in the seat to provide a dynamic element

Possible to introduce areas of pressure relief

Washable padded covers available in several fabrics and colours

Incontinence resistant covers are available

Available as a seat only or back only or complete body mould

Easily interfaced to the most commonly used wheelbases

Available with a range of Accessories – Headrests, Harnesses, Footplates

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    Ottobock SHAPE Carved Foam Seating

    Please contact us for more information about this product.
    High-Quality Pressure Relieving Supportive Foam Maximum pressure redistribution Custom moulded to suit your body shape and needs Optimal combination of postural support and sitting tolerance

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