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The Mo-Vis Manual Swing is a versatile arm to mount on a powered wheelchair.

With this Mo-vis Manual Swing arm, devices such as chin joysticks can be positioned to drive, and the arm can be moved upwards or sideways whenever needed.

Designed for the use of a chin control system

The Mo-Vis Manual Swing can also be mounted and attach small and lightweight communication tools to the wheelchair, such as smartphones or tablets. The maximum weight is 500 gr on a maximum distance of 65 cm.

The Mo-Vis Manual Swing mount can swing away.

In several directions (up-down / left-right), depending on the mounting and your preferences.

The arm is attached to the rear of the wheelchair’s backrest.

Recare recommends the Mo-Vis Manual Swing bundle for easy mounting, including a Quick-to-Mount (Q2M) Universal Clamp. The Mo-Vis Manual Swing bundle also includes various Quick-to-mount (Q2M) dogbone components to position the Swing correctly for each user.

Mo-Vis Manual Swing Arm package includes two separate rods.

Choice of C or S shape for mounting a joystick or other device.

Different types of joysticks or devices

Other options for your requirements can easily be mounted on the mounting arm through the Quick-to-mount (Q2M) system.



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