JAY Basic Cushion

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Easy-care comfort JAY Basic cushion.

Low profile gently contoured moulded foam cushion. Pre-contoured foam base provides comfort and mild support. Bevelled for seat rails on sling seats. Incontinence resistant cover

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Mild contouring Wheelchair Cushion for basic needs.

Suitable for low-risk skin protection and positioning needs.

Product Features:

Durable moulded foam, gently

Contoured for comfort and mild support

The bevelled base for use with slung upholstery sling

Incontinence cover

Low profile, easy maintenance

Clinical Application:

Clients needing comfort with minimal postural support

Intact skin integrity or low risk of skin breakdown or shear

Independent weight shifts and repositioning ability

Ideal for intermittent wheelchair users

Suitable for adults and children, with sizes from 250 x 250mm

Seating Tolerance

Comfort is subjective, and seating tolerance is a more objective measure. It is essential to understand the amount of time the client expects to spend in the chair. Short term users may only be interested in the initial comfort, but longer-term users need to assess cushion comfort over several hours.



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Technical Specifications

Cushion width10 - 24" | 25 - 60 cm
Cushion depth10 - 24" | 25 - 60 cm
Cushion height2.5" | 6.3 cm
User weight capacity125 kg | 275 lbs
Cushion weight0.7 kg | 1.5 lbs



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