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Go wherever you want with AVIVA RX40 Invacare powerchairs that take comfort and drive performance to a new level.  Designed to combat the challenges of everyday modern life, whether at home, work or out and about, you’ll be ready to face the world with a mobility product designed to enhance your everyday life.

Drive performance, comfort, traction, and control combine to bring you rear-wheel-drive powerchairs that will enable you to power up hills, cover bumpy paths and drive over smooth pavements keeping up with the pace of modern life.


Invacare AVIVA RX40 powerchairs re-define rear wheel performance, delivering unbeatable control, exceptional traction and extreme ride comfort.

Design. Technology. Performance.

AVIVA RX40 is designed around three key elements; design, technology and performance to provide an everyday mobility solution. Its clean, modern base with sleek colour shrouds offers a fresh look for rear-wheel-drive powerchairs. With its compact base just 560mm wide, the RX40 is extremely versatile and manoeuvrable. A tight turning radius is ideal for small spaces and everyday mobility, whether indoors or out and about. Navigate through confined areas with ease, as the petite base on the AVIVA RX makes turning in small spaces such as narrow hallways, shopping aisles, offices, or cafes easier for you. It has a seat to floor height of only 435mm, ideal for positioning at tables or desks and can be used in wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs).

Interprets, learns and adapts.

The RX40 features our latest technology with the LINX system that cleverly interprets, learns and adapts the motors to changes in driving habits to ensure a consistent drive performance day after day. This inbuilt intelligent system compensates for driving imbalances, allowing for a more accurate, predictable drive control.

LiNX G-trac

The optional LiNX G-trac feature ensures that the powerchair always maintains a true driving direction, so you will not have to correct the chair continually. In addition to LiNX, you have a choice of controls from basic drive to our revolutionary touchscreen displays.

Ultra-Beam Technology

The new lighting system will keep you visible and safe in low light or at night. This complete road-legal lighting package uses ultra-beam technology that is significantly brighter than other models of powerchairs.

Innovative suspension

Innovative suspension with our CTC system isolates the seat against vibrations and bumps. All four wheels always remain in contact with the ground, providing optimum weight distribution for traction and control.

Modulite Seating Solutions

RX40 is available either the standard one-piece seat with a fixed width or our highly acclaimed Modulite seating system that offers a range of adjustments to suit your needs. There are various seat cushions backrest options, including Matrx, Rea and Flex 3, to provide seating solutions around you. It offers a manual settable seat tilt up to 15 degrees and recline function up to 30 degrees for maximum pressure relief. Modulite has stepless adjustments in seat depth, width, angle and centre of gravity to ensure a perfect fit.

Ideal for Heavy-Duty Use

In addition, legrests and armrests are adjustable and removable. AVIVA offers a host of options and accessories to ensure an optimum fit around your requirements and is available with a range of specialist control options. Choose from a 6kph, 10kph or 12kph motor package (10 & 12km/h include light system), choice of suspension settings and larger batteries ideally suited for more heavy-duty use and longer drives.

What are all the powered wheelchair functions? What do YOU need in your powered wheelchair?

Learn more about powerchair functions and options with Recare’s Powered Wheelchair Selection Guide





Rear base unit

Rear base unit with small wheels for added stability.

AVIVA RX Colours

Select from a range of colours for the contoured shrouds, castors and wheel rim inserts: Black, Blue, Red, Silver or Purple.

Axendo lighting system

Our new Axendo lighting system offers road-legal light packages in two different versions.

Technical Specifications

Seat Width13 - 19" | 33 - 48 cm16 - 22" | 40 - 56 cm15 - 17" | 38 - 43 cm
Seat Depth16 - 20" | 41 - 51 cm16 - 20" | 41 - 51 cm
19 - 23" | 48 - 58 cm
16 - 20" | 41 - 51 cm
Seat to Floor Height17 - 19" | 43 - 49 cm16.5" | 42 cm17 - 19" | 43 - 49 cm
Backrest HeightFlex3: 20-24" | 50-61cm
Matrx: 16-23" | 40-60cm
22 - 26" | 56 - 66 cmSling: 19-21" | 48-54cm
Flex3: 20-24" | 51-61cm
Matrx: 16-20" | 40-50cm
Armrest Height9 - 14" | 23 - 36 cm9 - 14" | 23 - 36 cm9 - 14" | 23 - 36 cm
Length of Footrests9 - 18" | 28 - 46 cm9 - 18" | 28 - 46 cm9 - 18" | 28 - 46 cm
Seat Angle0 - 30 degrees0 - 30 degrees0 - 30 degrees
Backrest Angle90 - 120 degrees90 - 170 degrees
90 - 120 degrees
Total Height39 - 53" | 100 - 134 cm39 - 53" | 100 - 134 cm39 - 53" | 100 - 134 cm
Total Length
(without footrests)
33" | 83 cm33" | 83 cm33" | 83 cm
Total Width22" | 56 cm22" | 56 cm22 - 25" | 56 - 64 cm
Maximum User Weight136 kg | 300 lbs136 kg | 300 lbs160 kg | 352 lbs
Battery52 Ah
60 Ah
73.5 Ah
60 Ah60 Ah
73.5 Ah
Turning Circle59 - 113" | 150 - 286 cm59 - 113" | 150 - 286 cm59 - 83" | 150 - 209 cm
Maximum Obstacle Height2.5" | 6 cm2.5" | 6 cm4" | 10 cm
Maximum Safe Slope6 - 10 degrees6 - 10 degrees6 - 10 degrees
Motor Capacity2 x 340 W2 x 340 W2 x 340W
Speed4 mph | 6 kph4 mph | 6 kpm4 mph | 6 kph
6 mph | 10 kph
8 mph | 12.5 kph
Range47 km | 29 miles47 km | 29 miles47 km | 29 miles
Total Weight185 kg | 408 lbs185 kg | 408 lbs485 kg | 1069 lbs

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