Handicare 4000 Curved Stairlift

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Twin rail system is custom built to create a perfect fit for your stairs

The Handicare 4000 twin rail design stairlift delivers a smooth ride, enabling tight bends. This system offers the tightest rail bends on the market, making it an ideal choice for spiral or curved staircases and narrow hallways.


The twin rail system is custom-built to fit your stairs perfectly.

Our twin rail system is custom-built using the latest technology to create a perfect fit for your stairs. The 4000 offers a range of automatic options tailored to your needs, including a folding hinge to avoid obstructing nearby doorways and a powered swivel and footrest for ultimate ease of use.

Its stable twin rail design delivers a smooth ride whilst enabling tight bends. This system offers the tightest rail bends on the market, making it an ideal choice for spiral or curved staircases and narrow hallways.

Rail colour

Fully customised to suit your décor

Seat colour

Customised with a range of colours

Seat style options

The Style

The Smart

The Simplicity

Available option(s) for this stairlift

Powered hinged rail

With the powered hinge, the track can be folded away from the doorway, giving clear access.

Smart Seat

With four colour options, the Smart seat is a practical, durable seat solution.

The Smart seat can be supplied with optional powered features to remove the need to bend to fold a footrest or turn to swivel the seat when getting on or off the stairlift upstairs.

The Smart seat also offers versions with additional arm spacers to increase the distance between the arms.

Perch seat

You may find sitting painful if you have restricted movement in the knee or hip joints. The perch Smart seat may be the best solution for you. The Perch seat lets you travel standing without bending your knees.

There is a shortened seat and retractable seat belt, which provide a stable support area for users to ‘perch’ on.

Perch Seats may also provide a solution for narrow staircases where a user would not have room to travel in a seated position.

Upholstery is available in a choice of four colours.

Style Seat

Handicare’s Style seat is available in three colour options and offers a range of powered options to make your everyday life easier.

Simplicity Seat

If you do not require a powered swivel option, the Simplicity seat offers a safe and cost-effective way to overcome climbing stairs.

The upholstery is available in a neutral-coloured clean flame retardant fabric.

The Simplicity seat swivel is manually operated, but you can add a powered footrest.

The 4000 Simplicity comes with a retractable seat belt as standard, but it can be ordered with a Velcro alternative if preferred.






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