Flexel Leopard Rolloguard Fall Protection Neuro Rollator

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Rollator with technology to prevent it from rolling away

Fitted with RolloGuard fall protection utilising patented transversor technology which detects any sudden speed changes to instantly brake the wheels. This prevents the rollator from running away from the user.

With 3 levels of fall protection, you can be sure there is an option for any complex balance needs.


The Mobilex Leopard rollator has a frame made of aluminium, making it lightweight but also very strong.  Although light, it offers a high degree of stability coupled with extreme ease of movement.


Push handles are height-adjustable with an easy to read numerical marking and a simple thumb turn lock

Textile seat

Padded backstrap

Locking system that stops it from reopening once folded when being loaded or moved.

The detachable bag has a load capacity of 5kg a convenient shopping bag.

The Rollator is tested and approved for a user weight of up to 150kg.

Optional Accessories

Padded Seat

The padded seat fits over the standard seat and clips into place.  It provides a more rigid comfortable seating option than the standard textile seat.

Will need to be removed to fold the rollator for transportation or storage.

Waterproof Zipped Bag

A heavy-duty zipped bag replaces the standard open-topped net bag supplied with the rollator. Made from lined hard-wearing black waterproof nylon it has an internal zipped pocket for extra storage.

Rigid Slip-Resistant Tray

This plastic tray fits over the standard seat. Comes supplied with a non-slip mat.

Upgraded Large Padded Backrest Strap

Ergonomically shaped it is 200mm (8″) high at its widest point, giving a larger more secure feeling when lent against.

One-Handed Braking Upgrade

This cable set converts the rollator to a single-handed brake but will continue to brake both wheels.  This makes the rollator more user friendly for users with strength in one hand only.

Speed Reduction Brakes

This speed reducer fits the rear wheels and helps control the speed of the rollator without having to pull the brakes.

Additional Crutch Holder

A specially designed crutch holder.


Flexel Mobility




Technical Specifications

(55cm Seat Height)
(62cm Seat Height)
Soft WheelsRolloguard fall Protection
Overall Width60 cm | 24"60 cm | 24"60 cm | 24"60 cm | 24"
Overall Length66 cm | 26"66 cm | 26"66 cm | 26"66 cm | 26"
Overall Weight7.5 kg | 16.5 lbs7.8 kg | 17 lbs7.8 kg | 17 lbs7.8 kg | 17 lbs
Width Folded22.5 cm | 9"22.5 cm | 9"22.5 cm | 9"22.5 cm | 9"
Seat Height55 cm | 22"62 cm | 24.5"62 cm | 24.5"62 cm | 24.5"
Seat Width49 cm | 19"49 cm | 19"49 cm | 19"49 cm | 19"
Height of Push Handles66 – 86 cm | 26 - 34"74 – 102 cm | 29 - 40"74 – 102 cm | 29 - 40"74 – 102 cm | 29 - 40"
Max. User Weight150 kg | 331 lbs150 kg | 331 lbs150 kg | 331 lbs150 kg | 331 lbs
Wheels20 cm | 8"20 cm | 8"20 cm | 8"20 cm | 8"
Max. Bag Load5 kg | 11 lbs5 kg | 11 lbs5 kg | 11 lbs5 kg | 11 lbs
Colours AvailableAnthracite | (Grey)
Anthracite | (Grey)
Anthracite | (Grey)
Anthracite | (Grey)
Optional AccessoriesLarge Padded Back SupportLarge Padded Back SupportLarge Padded Back SupportLarge Padded Back Support
Waterproof Zipped BagWaterproof Zipped BagWaterproof Zipped BagWaterproof Zipped Bag
Padded SeatPadded SeatPadded SeatPadded Seat
Rigid TrayRigid TrayRigid TrayRigid Tray
Soft Front Wheel
Soft Rear Wheel
Soft Front Wheel
Soft Rear Wheel
Soft Front Wheel
Soft Rear Wheel
One Hand Brake Cableset
One Hand Brake CablesetOne Hand Brake CablesetOne Hand Brake CablesetSpeed Reduction Brakes
Speed Reduction BrakesSpeed Reduction BrakesSpeed Reduction BrakesAdditional Crutch Holder
Additional Crutch HolderAdditional Crutch HolderAdditional Crutch Holder



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