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Navigating a wheelchair through various terrains, especially uphill or across town all day, can be incredibly exhausting for attendants. The ENJO power assist device provides a practical solution, enabling attendants to effortlessly propel the user and their manual wheelchair. With ENJO, tackling hills and embarking on long journeys becomes a breeze, offering both attendants and users peace of mind and enhanced mobility.

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The ENJO weighs only 4.1kg and is easy to install in less than a minute and can be removed when not required.

Easy to handle

Thanks to an intuitive control system, you set the pace of the wheelchair! The controller can be mounted on the left or right depending on the attendant’s preference. With speed controls and throttle controlling the ENJO is simple and with the added bonus of a boost button for those steep climbs get ready to visit new places.

Easy to install

With the ENJO you can install to tilt in space wheelbases, folding and rigid wheelchairs thanks to multi-functional brackets which will fit to 99% of wheelchairs and wheelbases.

Travel with your ENJO

The ENJO includes its own carrycase and is certified for flight travel and complies with air transport regulations.



Technical specification

Max weight150kg
Motor power250W
Max Gradient safety15% with a total rolling weight of 120kg
Warranty2 years (excluding wearing parts)
Max Speed4mph as standard (flat); 2.5mph (inclined)
Max Range14 miles (24V6Ah battery)

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