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Dynamic wheelchair for active drivers with involuntary movement disorders

Another member of our Dynamis family is the Dynamis MV – an active, dynamic wheelchair. The Dynamis MV was developed for people with involuntary stretching movements (e.g. spasms) who want to be actively mobile despite their limitations.

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Another member of our Dynamis family by Sorg is the Dynamis MV – an active, dynamic wheelchair. The Dynamis MV was developed for people with involuntary stretching movements (e.g. spasms) who want to be actively mobile despite their limitations.

In over 30 years, we have supplied many patients with spastic diseases or other muscular dysfunctions with unique custom-made products through our special construction. We have let our experience from these bespoke products flow into our dynamic family and thus also into the Dynamis MV.

The Dynamis MV has a rigid frame but is equipped with a dynamic back and dynamic leg support – dynamic, active drivers can also be supplied with a dynamic headrest as an option. The dynamic aims to guide the involuntary stretching movements of the user and bring the patient back into his original sitting position through the integrated rebound function of the spring system. The user is also supported by the physiological pivot points in the hip area and on the knees and is not restricted in his freedom of movement.

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  • Dynamis MV is a dynamic, active wheelchair that grows with the child for uncontrolled movement disorders.
  • Thanks to the easily and continuously adjustable back dynamics, there is no need to search for the correct gas pressure spring strength, unlike systems with gas pressure springs.
  • The Dynamis MV is suitable for children, adolescents and adults with a body weight of up to 90 kg.
  • Every SORG wheelchair is individually made to your dimensions and needs.
  • Available with ergonomic seat and back unit or as a basis for seat shell systems from specialist retailers.
  • Dynamis MV can be finely adjusted to the user.
  • The Dynamis MV is approved as a seat for transport in a motor vehicle according to ISO 7176-19.
  • Dynamis MV stands for maximum patient benefit and user-friendly handling in the best craftsmanship – made in Germany.


The adjustable back suspension with variably adaptable rebound function, the sprung leg support, and the optional sprung headrest make the Dynamis MV ideal for people with uncontrolled stretching movements or other motor dysfunctions. Combined with the natural pivot points in the knee angle on the leg support and the pelvis on the ERGO seat and back unit, the user’s movements can be optimally and dynamically guided.

ERGO seat and back unit for optimal body guidance

The optionally available ERGO seat and the back unit offer individual and optimal body guidance. The seat and back unit made of aluminium is adjustable in width + 2 / + 4 cm and in-depth +2 cm. This means that it can still be perfectly adapted to the user even in growth phases. The side parts support an optimal sitting position, which can be individually adapted to the body shape according to therapeutic aspects. The Dynamis MV can be equipped with SORG’s own ERGO seat and the back unit made of aluminium (with anatomically shaped seat and back parts) or with a seat shell that has been adapted by specialist retailers.

Therapeutic benefit

  • Thanks to the open pivot points in the pelvic and knee angles, the patient’s movements are guided and not fixed in the event of spasticity. So it is not worked against the motion but dynamically with the movement.
  • The back suspension has an adjustable rebound function that automatically guides the patient back into the original sitting position.
  • All functions of the Dynamis MV can be operated with just one hand (back angle adjustment, adjustment of the leg support, etc.). This means that the caregiver always has the other hand free to help and secure the patient, and standard therapy is much easier.

Wheelchair Options Available

  • ERGO-seat and back unit
  • ERGO-knee guide
  • Equinus spring suspension
  • Dynamic headrest
  • Various leg support options
  • Other brake variants
  • Therapy tables
  • Sunshade
  • Front end wheel for outdoors



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Technical Specifications

 Dynamis TSDDynamis MV
Seat Depth13 - 21" | 32 - 52 cm13 - 21" | 34 - 52 cm
Back Height16 - 26" | 40 - 65 cm16 - 26" | 40 - 65 cm
Seat Width12 - 20" | 30 - 50 cm13 - 20" | 32 - 50 cm
Maximum User Weight90 kg | 198 lbs90 kg | 198 lbs
Wheel Size16" | 41 cm
20" | 51 cm
22" | 56 cm
24" | 61 cm
16" | 41 cm
20" | 51 cm
22" | 56 cm
24" | 61 cm
Caster Wheel Size5" | 12.7 cm
6" | 15.2 cm
7" | 17.8 cm
5" | 12.7 cm
6" | 15.2cm
7" | 17.8 cm
Tilt Angle-3° to +30°
Growing seath width, seat depth
and back height
ISO 7176-19
Dynamic back unit and leg support



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