Cobi-Rehab Cruise Bariatric Comfort Power wheelchair

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Cobi Cruise Power comfort wheelchair. The most powerful wheelchair on the market for use in the rehabilitation of bariatric users.

Equipped with electric propulsion and tilt and recline functionsfor bariatric users who need a comfortable wheelchair with a pressure-relieving seat.

Cobi Cruise Power comfort wheelchair is used in care centres and hospitals, in-home care and private homes.


Cobi Cruise Power is a bariatric comfort wheelchair by Cobi-Rehab with electric propulsion.

It is based on the daily routine challenges to improve the quality of life for each bariatric user. Therefore, it is tested by Danish bariatric users, thus contributing valuable suggestions for improvement.

Cruise means freedom. Freedom to move. From bedridden to independent. Cruise also means safety for both the user and caregiver. Features like a push bar, electric tilt-in-space, and recline considerably reduce the risk of physically overloading the caregiver while allowing maximum comfort, mobility, and social life for the user.

Used in all phases of rehabilitation

bedridden user to the mobile user.

Cobi Cruise Power activates operated by both the user and care staff via a joystick.

Electric propulsion

Tilt-in-space and recline


Angle adjustable

Armrests swing-away

e.g. transfers or social activities at a dining table.

Disinfectable and washable

e.g. a depot or a hospital.

Fits through most doorways.

Electric tilt-in-space and recline

Negative tilt aids the independent user in safely getting in and out of the wheelchair. A negative tilt means that the front of the seat cushion is lowered. This reduces the access height, which, in turn, makes getting in and out easier for the independent user. The function negative tilt is activated using the joystick.

The recline provides the apple-shaped user with supported and comfortable seating. When the back of the wheelchair is tilted backwards, the user’s pelvis is automatically opened. This provides improved respiration for apple-shaped users. The recline function (90-120°) is controlled using the same joystick as the electric tilt-in-space function (-4-13°).


The control box for travel is installed underneath the seat plate. The wheelchair can reach a speed of up to 6 km/h. The maximum range is approximately 9 km at full load. The wheelchair can traverse edges and doorsteps of up to 50 mm. Cobi Cruise Power is also built to drive up and down hills and 10° incline ramps. For the user, it means freedom to get around indoors and outdoors.

The seat cushion

The base of the seat cushion consists of hard foam. The core of the seat cushion consists of memory foam specially selected for the target group. The top consists of soft foam. The seat cushion is upholstered with a flame-retardant incontinence cover.


Extra-long armrests (615 mm) ensure stability and a good grip when the user moves from standing to sitting or vice versa. The armrests can swivel back, making it easier to move the user from, e.g. the chair to the bed. It also means that the wheelchair can be moved close to the edge of a table, allowing the user to participate in social activities at, e.g. a table.

The armrests are padded for extra comfort. They are also “cup-shaped”, thus reducing the risk of pressure ulcers. Each armrest can withstand a maximum load of up to 200 kg.

Push bar

The push bar is flexible and adjustable, using a click system. Significant adjustments can be made with tools. The bar has several grip points, depending on whether the chair will be pushed or manoeuvred.


The legrests of the wheelchair are an option. The leg rests each support up to 200 kg and is adjustable in both height and position. They also have a swivel function that allows easier access to and from the wheelchair.

The angle of the footplates, the height/angle of the legrest and the angle of the calf plates can be adjusted without tools. The flexibility of the leg rests means that the user’s legs can always be supported—this benefits, inter alia, users with significant tissue on their inner thighs. The leg may be removed without the use of tools without affecting stability.

Neck support

The wheelchair neck support is an option. The wheelchair is supplied with a universal neck support bracket, allowing for the installation of different types of neck support.


Cobi Cruise Power has 12,5” massive tyres in grey nylon rubber that does not mark floors. The tyres are mounted on aluminium rims.


Cobi Cruise Power is installed with an anti-tip that can be adjusted to suit the terrain. Only remove the Anti-tip when transporting the wheelchair without a user.


The brake of the Cobi Cruise Power is integrated into the motor. This means that when the joystick is disengaged, the wheelchair stops.


The Cobi Cruise Power has three actuators. Two-seat actuators and a back actuator. The two-seat actuators control the tilt function. The seat actuators are installed under the seat. The back actuator controls the recline function. The back actuator is also installed under the seat.


Cobi Cruise Power is constructed from type-S355, high-tensile steel. The rectangular steel profiles of the chair form the basis for its base frame. The base frame comprises two mirror-inverted parts (a right and a left). This structure allows the sides to be reused if the width needs changing. The seat frame of the wheelchair consists of 30x30x2 mm high-tensile steel profiles. In addition, the seat frame has a 2 mm steel seat plate attached to it, which helps distribute the pressure in the best possible way.

The back of the wheelchair consists of a high-tensile steel profile. The profile is positioned centrally on the back of the wheelchair. The profile angle means that the back supports both apple-shaped and pear-shaped users. Three backplates are mounted on the profile. The backplates are curved to hug and support the user from the buttocks to the neck.

Pear-shaped users with voluminous backsides are ensured good back support, as the design of the “spine” of the wheelchair and its lower back plate provide space for the backside. The upper two backplates ensure that apple-shaped users enjoy stable and comfortable back support.

Back cushion

The back cushion is divided into nine modules, sewn together into one large cushion. All nine modules consist of a firm foam layer and a mixture of polystyrene (Krøyer) beads and latex foam.

The foam layer faces the back of the wheelchair while the user’s bead and foam layer sit. The bead and foam mixture is modular and helps increase the comfort of the wheelchair and its pressure-relieving effect.

The contents of each cushion module can be adjusted. According to professional assessment, the therapist or care staff can add or remove Krøyer beads and latex foam. A wedge cushion can be inserted in one or more modules if necessary. The pillow contents are adjusted via the nine zippers on the cushion’s back.

The modular cushion follows the shape of the backplates and, thus, ensures correct support regardless of the user’s body shape and needs. The modular cushion can be finely adjusted using a patented FitGo system known for ski boots and work shoes. The FitGo system is located on the backplates.

Maintenance and cleaning

The Cobi Cruise Power is easy to clean. If the seat needs disinfecting, remove and disinfect it using 70 – 85 % ethanol or a chlorine product of min. 1000 ppm and max. 10000 ppm.

Clean the frame, seat and armrests of the wheelchair using water and a regular cleaning agent. The joystick can be disinfected using 70 – 85 % ethanol or a chlorine product of min. 1000 ppm and max. 10000 ppm.


The approximate lead time 6-8 weeks from order.

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Cobi Rehab


Technical Specifications

Max. user weight325 kg | 717 lbs
Seat depth19 - 24" | 48 - 60 cm
Back angle90°- 120°
Seat angle-4 - 13°
Height of backrest24" | 61 cm
Max. length49 - 70" | 125 - 177 cm
Min. length39 - 42" | 99 - 105 cm
Seat width22 - 32" | 55 - 80 cm
Max. total width27 - 37" | 68 - 93 cm
Max. total height44" | 112 cm
Max. weight of wheelchair120 kg | 265 lbs
Maximum Speed4 mph | 6kph
Theoretical continuous distance
(fully loaded)
9 km | 5.6 miles
Theoretical manoeuvring distance
(fully loaded)
3.9 km | 2.4 miles
Max. downhill inclination10%
Frame tubingS355 high-tensile steel
Turning radius40 - 47" | 100 - 120 cm
Battery50 Ah


ModelSeat widthSeat depthMax. total widthProduct Code
Cobi Cruise Power Complete22" | 55 cm19 - 24" | 48 - 60 cm27" | 68 cm0116-055-000
Cobi Cruise Power Complete24" | 60 cm19 - 24" | 48 - 60 cm29" | 73 cm0116-060-000
Cobi Cruise Power Complete26" | 65 cm19 - 24" | 48 - 60 cm31" | 78 cm0116-065-000
Cobi Cruise Power Complete28" | 70 cm19 - 24" | 48 - 60 cm33" | 83 cm0116-070-000
Cobi Cruise Power Complete31.5" | 80 cm19 - 24" | 48 - 60 cm37" | 93 cm0116-080-000
Leg rest Right0115-999-006
Leg rest L eft0115-999-007
Cobi Cruise IV-holder with installation bracket(s)0115-999-090
Neck supportContact Us



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User Manual


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