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The ‘growable’ mobile standing frame from Recare enables children upright therapy and independent mobility

The Boogie Drive is a specialist standing frame that enables upright therapy and independent mobility. It has been considerately designed to strengthen the musculoskeletal system of young users through controlled exertion in a supportive solution. Designed to also assist therapists, this precision standing frame is a trusted choice for families, care facilities and special schools.

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The ‘Growable’ SORG Children’s Standing Frame From Recare

The Boogie Drive standing frame supports the therapeutic concept of (early) mobility in an upright pose. With support according to the three-point-method for an upright pose, a careful and controlled strain to the bones and the whole musculature occurs. Even inactive muscles are activated, strained and stimulated.

Individually manufactured according to client measurements and needs

First growable mobile standing device for children and adolescents (+4cm in width, without additional parts)

Several individually adjustable truss pads

All support functions, including the footplate, can be positioned at specific steps or  where required in 3 dimensions

With the 3D-foot plates, Talipes equinus can be compensated

The angle of the centre column can be adjusted with a gas pressure spring or telescope: from 0° to +15°

Expands the sensory perception of the upright pose and enhances mobility

Ideal shoulder-driving wheel position and camber for individual user needs

Frame width choices – 36cm, 40cm, and 44cm (each expandable by +4cm without additional parts)

Supporting therapists

The Boogie Drive mobile standing frame has been specifically designed to also help therapists – with easy manoeuvring and adjustments.  The tilt can be adjusted to whichever angle is required within a 0° to 15° range and through the individual settings of the truss pads and footplates, therapists can adapt therapy accordingly.

Three frame sizes

To ensure more children can benefit from achieving a supported standing pose, the Boogie Drive is available in three sizes so catering for young users with heights from 80 to 150cm.

Treatment concept

The Boogie Drive supports the therapeutic concept that mobility can be achieved earlier through time spent in an upright pose. With support according to a three-point-method, controlled tension to the musculoskeletal system is exerted. Even inactive muscles are activated, strained and stimulated. At the same time, the balance system is stimulated by the upright pose, a fundamental requirement for a person’s physical and cognitive development. First, with the perception of the 3-dimensional changes in a room, the children can experience: up/down, back/front, right/left. From this, they learn side regulation, balance control, reflex control, and as a result, can build controllable muscle tone.

Stimulation Benefits

Can reduce aside dominance (parallel alignment, no diametric orientation and activity possible)

Lower reflex interference (voluntary and/or involuntary movement patterns),

Reduce the impaired perception of sense and space

With appropriate therapy, conditions can be negated/improved:


Decubitus Ulcers





Digestive Insufficiency

Boogie Drive from Recare supports the strengthening and stabilising of metabolism, cardiovascular system, sense of balance, perception, reflex control, digestive system and breathing. The ergonomic positioning of the large wheels helps young users propel with less energy so independent mobility is easier, negotiating tight spaces is also straightforward. With the ‘growable’ frame sizes, upright therapy can continue into adulthood – ensuring a seamless pathway for future development.

Standing Frame Options Available

Anatomically formed seat and back cushions

Seat and back cushions in many different colours and patterns

Footrest precisely adjustable in height, depth and angle, optionally foldable backwards

Push handles and bars adjustable in height and angle

Attendant brake control on the push bar

Different positioning aids (headrests and abduction wedges)

Range of spoke cover designs

Optional outdoor castors and tyres are available

Therapy table and water bottle

Waist safety belt and heel loop

Safety wheels and much more



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Technical Specifications

Boogie FixBoogie SwingBoogie Drive
Frame Width21" | 54 cm
23" | 58 cm
25" | 64 cm
21" | 54 cm
23" | 58 cm
25" | 64 cm
14" | 36 cm
16" | 40 cm
17" | 44 cm
Maximum User Weight60 kg | 132 lbs60 kg | 132 lbs60 kg | 132 lbs
User Height
Size 131 - 43" | 80 - 110 cm31 - 43" | 80 - 110 cm31 - 43" | 80 - 110 cm
Size 239 - 51" | 100 - 130 cm39 - 51" | 100 - 130 cm39 - 51" | 100 - 130 cm
Size 347 - 59" | 120 - 150 cm47 - 59" | 120 - 150 cm47 - 59" | 120 - 150 cm
Independently Mobile



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