Cobi-Rehab Bariatric Patient – Dinner Chair

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Strongly engineered and functionally designed exclusively for bariatric users.

Bariatric Patient Chair with armrests that go beyond the seat. This makes it easy to get a good grip when getting in or out of the chair. Adjustable. Bariatric users up to 325 kg in private homes, at care centres or in waiting rooms.


Bariatric Patient Chair by Cobi-Rehab is designed exclusively for bariatric users weighing up to 325 kg. The armrests are constructed, so they go beyond the seat. This makes it easy to get a good grip when getting in or out of the chair.


The armrests are designed to bend out like a butterfly, so the body doesn’t get squeezed, getting in and out of the chair. The butterfly armrests of the Bariatric Patient Chair also provide much better functionality for the user, compared to other chairs with straight and short armrests where it is almost impossible for a bariatric user to get a good grip.

The height of the Bariatric Patient Chair is adjustable from 44 to 59 cm. It is essential to adjust the chair to the right height. If the chair is too high for the user, the feet will lift off the ground, making it hard to get seated in the chair. If the chair is too low, the user will have trouble getting up.

It is often a problem for bariatric users to be seated comfortably. Therefore, we have designed the seat to be individually adjusted to provide comfortable seating. The backrest can be moved +/- 6 cm, and the bent tubing assures that the right comfort can be found.

It is made easy to both handle and moves Bariatric Patient Chair from place to place. In the chair’s construction, we have only used high-tech lightweight tubing to provide the highest strength at the lowest weight.

Specialized in positioning solutions for bariatric users

Cobi Rehab has specialized in positioning solutions for bariatric users for all hours of the day to provide independence, comfort, and relief. Cobi Rehab’s focal point is respect for the individual. Innovation, proactivity, quality and empathy are our basic building block and valid for everything we do.

Our positioning solutions are based on solid knowledge about the use of the product and the effect of helping, emphasising the dignity and a good working environment, both for the user and caregiver. Our products are strongly engineered and functionally designed and have a weight capacity of up to 325 kg. Our product portfolio consists of wheelchairs, shower commodes, shower benches, patient/dinner chairs, wheeled walkers, walking frames, canes, and beds and mattresses.

Based in Denmark, Cobi Rehab supply both to the private and public sector all over the world. Our goal is to provide professional advice and high-quality products within a short time frame. Cobi Rehab’s staff members are highly experienced in occupational therapy. They all have hands-on experience with bariatric patients.


Cobi Rehab


Technical Specifications

Max. user weight325 kg | 717 lbs
Seat width24" | 61 cm
28" | 71 cm
Seat depth16 - 10" | 40 - 52 cm
Seat height17 - 23" | 44 - 59 cm
Height of backrest15" | 37 cm
Seat to floor height13 - 19" | 33 - 48 cm
Width outer armrest width29" | 74 cm
33" | 84 cm
Total length31 - 40" | 80 - 101 cm
Total width31" | 79 cm
27" | 69 cm
Total height31 - 37" | 79 - 94 cm
Weight of wheelchair17.6 kg | 39 lbs
16.6 kg | 37 lbs


ModelSeat widthSeat depthOrder Number
XXL-Rehab Patient/Dinner Chair24" | 61 cm16 - 21" | 40 - 52 cm0160-061-000
XXL-Rehab Patient/Dinner Chair28" | 71 cm16 - 21" | 40 - 52 cm0160-071-000



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