Catherine chooses Avantgarde wheelchair from Recare for flexibility and fun

Catherine, aged 30, lives in Buckinghamshire and is a huge fan of spending time with family and friends.

With her bubbly personality, she was looking for a wheelchair she could customise to express her sense of fun. A product that was colourful and adaptable would enable her to experience more from life.

Living with cerebral palsy and global developmental delay can be tough for Catherine. As a person with quadriplegia, she needs care and a wheelchair 24/7 along with extra postural support. Having the right adaptable wheelchair was imperative to support Catherine’s positivity, whether at home or away. With her previous wheelchair struggling to offer the flexibility needed, it was time to change to an Avantgarde.

Recare’s super lightweight Avantgarde 4 made by Ottobock is one of the most configurable wheelchairs available. And one of the lightest folding wheelchairs on the market – its frame can weigh as little as 5.6kg.  There is a range to choose from and each Avantgarde encompasses an innovative single cross brace which combines advanced strength with weight saving properties. When folded, the Avantgarde only measures 27cm across so is the ideal compact solution for travel and storage. 

These slimline characteristics sounded perfect to Catherine and her mum Bridget. They needed a wheelchair that was easy to push and manoeuvre around the home, town and in the countryside. Plus, a personalised colour was an absolute must!

With their choice in wheelchair confirmed, they turned their attention to which specialist seating would be compatible with the Avantgarde. Following a clinical assessment, such as those provided at Recare’s headquarters in Oxfordshire, a customised seating solution was made for Catherine. Using the latest in pressure mapping technology, the seat was carved and moulded to exactly fit Catherine’s physique so she would benefit from precision support. This is essential for healthy posture, efficient pressure management and improved day long comfort.

Catherine has been the proud owner of her new wheelchair for some time now and it’s made a huge difference. Not just to her, but to all her family. “She looks very comfortable and is no longer slipping to one side,” said Bridget. “It’s very easy to push the chair, I often just use one hand. Catherine loves to spend time with the horses in the field by our house and even on the rough terrain. It’s easy to push her there.”

It’s not just the practical benefits that are making an impact, it’s the appearance of Catherine’s wheelchair as well. It’s finished with a stunning bright orange frame and matching hand rims and footplates.

“She loves bright things and this really shows off her vibrant personality, she looks great in it!” continues Bridget.

With ownership of a nimbler wheelchair comes many lifestyle advantages. Catherine has certainly been making the most of everyday life with trips to the theatre and meals out. Bridget sums up by saying:

“She recently celebrated her 30th birthday and we went out for brunch and bowling with the family. Having a chair that can move easily into tight spaces means it’s one less thing to consider when planning our days out. Ultimately, Catherine’s Avantgarde helps us spend more enjoyable time together as a family.”