Manual wheelchair add-ons

How to choose the right power products and more

When you’re a manual wheelchair user it’s important you get the most out of your product. Flexibility can be key whether that’s requiring powered assistance to go further or easier propulsion over rough or sloped terrain. With the right additions you can commonly avoid the need to buy a separate powerchair as your manual wheelchair can become ‘two products in one.’ By choosing to complement your wheelchair with additional equipment you can save cost, reduce time and benefit from easier storage. Here at Recare our Trusted Assessors can advise you on the right add-ons to enhance your lifestyle so in this latest blog we highlight a selection of the most popular additions. 

Rear power assist

At Naidex last month we received a large number of visitors asking about our range of Benoit systems for manual wheelchairs. The Recare product specialist were busy throughout the two days demonstrating how a Benoit works and its proven benefits. Simply, a Benoit turns a manual wheelchair into a powerchair within seconds. Each model in the range is a lightweight, rear-positioned power unit that can either be controlled by the wheelchair user or someone responsible for pushing an occupant.

Through robust and reliable, well-designed engineering, a Benoit can be engaged or dis-engaged instantly to swap between manual and powered propulsion. It is suitable for a huge variety of manual wheelchairs and is simple to detach for quick storage in a car boot. Perfect for scenarios when terrain is tough or longer distances are required, Benoit Systems give peace of mind that fatigue will never be a problem again. 

Watch our new Benoit video here. Our product range can be found here


Power and manual Handbikes

If you prefer upfront power or hand pedalling then choosing to add a handbike might be an option. Again, we have a wide range to choose from however our Triride brand is really popular. Each model caters for different demands whether you are looking for easier upfront hand propulsion or ultra-power for extreme offroad tracks and trails. Our handbike range consists of single wheel units with handlebars that attach to the front of most manual wheelchairs. Within no time at all you have the means to travel further for longer without the worry of manually pushing your wheelchair rims.  

Our base level powered Triride handbike is ideal for increased mobility indoors and for shorter, less challenging journeys. Whereas if you picked our Triride T-Rocks for example, adrenaline seeking adventurers will have all the power and performance they need to tackle extreme rocky routes. All handbikes deliver superb manoeuvrability and compact turning circles for easy driving wherever you decide to explore.


These innovative wheels can be added to all wheelchairs to reduce vibrations through unique suspension spokes. Significantly lighter than a standard wheelchair wheel, they dramatically reduce the impact of uneven surfaces – ensuring fatigue and discomfort are reduced on a daily basis. 

Track wheel

Making every journey easier in your manual wheelchair helps everyone – whether that’s you as the user or a carer who is pushing you along. Our power and manual add-ons help achieve this such as our range of front mounted track wheels from Rehasense. These ultra-lightweight single wheel additions provide multiple advantages through improved efficiency of propulsion and steering. Owners of all ages benefit from greater stability, speed and manoeuvrability as this third wheel balances weight and load. 

For further details regarding our add-on range for manual wheelchairs, call us on 01993 880200 or message us here.