Let’s feel positive this January

Exploring ways to beat the winter blues with the right activities and wheelchairs

As we all start afresh for the new year, it’s important that we make sure we are looking after our mental health and well-being. 2024 might be bringing us exciting times or new challenges; however staying positive in the cold winter months has to be a good thing. Getting outdoors for fresh air and combating seasonal effective disorder (SAD), especially when sunshine is in short supply, is a priority if we are to remain happy and motivated. So in our first blog of 2024, we look at why getting out and about is currently essential and trending products that can help you on your way.

Nature’s value

According to the charity Mind, spending time in the countryside or leafy places has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression. This ‘ecotherapy’ can be combined with regular exercise (whatever you can do) and social interaction to increase positivity and that feeling of revitalisation. 

With products such as the Permobil F5 Corpus or Decon E-Drive wheelchair add-on, you can choose to explore off-road tracks or trails and even take time to soak up some ‘Forest bathing’. This concept is an ancient Japanese process of relaxation know as ‘Shinrin yoku’. Basically it’s a simple method of staying still and quiet amongst the trees – try it, it’s so calming! Anyway, wherever you decide to visit from an area of outstanding natural beauty to your local park, being surrounded by fauna and flora will do you the world of good.

The power of natural light

We all know going out can be weather dependent. If it’s freezing or raining and we don’t have to venture out, then the warm of indoors is far more appealing. However when there is a break in the bleak weather and dare we say it, the sun comes out, it’s crucial to get outside and make the most of natural light. 

Many people continue to tell Mind that being outside has helped reduce symptoms of SAD. This type of depression, which affects lots of us during the dark winter months, can also be avoided by doing lots of other things. Why not try making your home and workspace as light and airy as possible, eating a healthier diet and sitting close to windows. Here at Recare we have products that can help you beat SAD both inside and out – try the Benoit Light Drive 2.1 power add-on that turns any wheelchair into a powerchair for ultimate manoeuvrability wherever you are. 

Meet and greet positivity

As reiterated by the Mental Health Foundation, friendships are a crucial element for happy lives. Our friends can be a positive distraction from life’s worries; they help keep things in perspective and support us when we have problems. 

If you have the January blues, then it’s the perfect time to get outdoors with chums or loved ones to share quality time together. Catching up about Christmas and what’s coming up this year will stimulate everyone with a sense of togetherness. If you’re planning a get together with able bodied mates, then propulsion efficient wheelchairs such as the Wolturnus W5S or for younger users the Ki Mobility Little Wave Clik, will give you the best shared experience possible. 

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