Rise and Recline Chairs

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Whether you have medical conditions that need to be factored in or want the utmost comfort, Rise & Recline chairs provide the ultimate solution – because they’re designed for you.
Rise & Recline unique 7-point fit & medical condition consultation. Armrests design options for added functionality and looks. Rise and recliner mechanism options for near-zero gravity relief.

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Look exactly how you want it to

With an almost unlimited array of fabrics

Leather option

A choice of styles that look great and support you better.

Designed to suit your home and look exquisite

Arm Caps and Head Cover in the same fabric

Fabric protection options

Choose to enhance and assist your comfort

With various functional comfort options – combined with medical solutions to make things easier for you daily.

Integrated USB point

Choice of massage functions

Overhead, Flexi-position, reading light

Choice of pressure relief solutions

Side transfer arm options for those with restricted mobility

Included as standard:

All back styles are Velcro and can be adjusted

Zipped cushions for ease of access

Winged backs

Full seat duvet

Two pockets

Handset holding loop

Emergency lowering pack



Rise and Recline

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