Omobic Wheelchair Daylite Wheel

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A perfect inexpensive upgrade for active wheelchairs

The OMOBIC DAYLITE wheelchair wheel is beautiful and elegant for everyday use. The lightweight radial hub was designed by MBL’s founder and is now a worldwide classic. OMOBIC DAYLITE wheelchair wheel is fitted with the OMOBIC lightweight yet endurable SpeedLite tyre. The OMOBIC DAYLITE wheelchair wheel will be a light and stylish addition to most wheelchairs.

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The OMOBIC DAYLITE wheelchair wheel makes the perfect inexpensive upgrade for active wheelchairs.

Its stylish minimalist hub design will enhance the look of any chair, and with a total weight of only 1120 grams (including tyre, tube and pushrim), it won’t alter the chair’s performance either.

The OMOBIC DAYLITE wheelchair wheel comes assembled with a silver aluminium pushrim and 1″ sports tyre.

12mm bearing version available on request.



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