Top ten products – part 1

Discover five products from our top ten of most popular purchases – maybe they could be ideal for you?

When you’re looking for the right equipment to increase your mobility, it can seem a tough choice. That’s why our friendly team of assessors can provide you with a clinical recommendation of what’s best, either in your home or at our specialist clinic in Long Hanborough, Oxfordshire. We’re renowned for our knowledge and vast range of products so will always have the right wheelchair, powerchair or specialist seating for your needs. So, to start you on a hassle-free journey to independence and greater comfort, why not have a look at what are the most popular products supplied by Recare – one of these could be the answer you’re looking for… 

1. Benoit Systemes Light Drive 2.1 Wheelchair Power add on

Steep slopes, grass, gravel – terrain that’s troublesome no more. In fact, don’t worry about fatigue or overexertion either. Turn your manual wheelchair into a powerchair in seconds with this outstanding rear drive power add-on. Attaches/detaches in seconds, compact and easily transportable in the boot of your car, the Light Drive 2.1 delivers reassuring ability wherever you’re exploring.

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Benoit-Light Drive2.1-Wheelchair-Power-Add-On-10

2. Permobil M3 Corpus Powerchair

A powered wheelchair made with more, delivering more and giving freedom forever more! Futureproofed adjustability and functionality give you sustainable stability and personalised comfort – especially now with its increased seating positions. Compact manoeuvrability without compromised performance is the hallmark of the M3. Add to this powerful LED lights, increased driving range and battery life, this Permobil just keeps giving, and then some.

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3. Permobil F5 VS Sit-to-stand Powerchair

One of the leading standing powered wheelchairs on the market, the F5 VS is a remarkable solution both practically and clinically. Its ActiveReach and ActiveHeight functionality means you can live life with more accessibility whether using the powered seat lift or moving to a supported standing position. Incorporating all the advanced safety and comfort features you’d expect from a world-leading manufacturer, the tilt-in-space F5 VS can eliminate many complications associated with extended periods of sitting whilst offering independence at a higher level. A pioneering product from a leading specialist, Recare.

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Motion Composites | HelioC2

4. Motion Composites Helio C2 Folding Carbon Fibre wheelchair

One of the most advanced folding wheelchairs on the market, the Helio C2 provides the propulsion efficiency of a rigid design with a flexible solution that’s easy to transport. Through an innovate cross brace and unibody frame, this carbon fibre product is both lightweight and extremely strong so energy saving stability is assured when in motion. Helio C2 reduces ‘wear and tear’ on shoulders when manually  propelling so longer distances are possible with less fatigue. Highly supportive, reliable and durable, this Motion Composites flagship product is a proven choice for today and tomorrow.

Helio C2 – ideal for you?

5. Ottobock Shape Foam Carved Seating

Looking for tailored seating for optimum postural support? This customisable solution from Recare is one of the world’s most advanced systems which comprises of pressure managing surfaces, in varying densities that can be specifically moulded to your body shape. Following assessment and pressure mapping by a qualified Recare Assessor, a seat will be carved electronically and can be supplied as a stand-alone unit or part of a complete seating system. The bespoke profiling, fabrics and foam densities will assist with every aspect of your clinical needs – resulting in prolonged comfort and improved skin integrity.

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So, that’s part one, watch this space for part two of our top ten products!

We hope that’s helped you start thinking about what products might be suitable for you. However for a clinical consultation of your needs, talk to one of our expert advisors on: 01993 880200 or message us here