• Advanced design, British manufactured 3 wheel, front wheel drive power chair

• Splits into 3 transportable parts in less than 60 seconds, depending whether by carer/companion or occupant

• Formula 1 style mini jack to assist quick wheel removal.

• Suitable on and off road

• Joystick controlled 5 speed with full functionality.

• Engagable Freewheel

• Carbon Fibre Monococque configuration

• Includes Trekinetic K-2’s proven ‘Varicam’ wheel camber system

• Includes Trekinetic’s Patent Granted auto-recline seat

• Nitrogen Shock absorber

• Suede effect upholstery

• Extensive colour and bespoke options.

• Standard equipment included set of Urban (smooth) plus a set of All Terrain (MTB) pneumatic tyres.

• Standard Metal Hydride Battery (includes 2 hour quick charger)

• Extended range Lithium-Ion battery optional

This item is exempt from VAT