Width Adjustable Armrests

Built in adjustment in the armrests allows each chair to be tailored to the client ensuing a perfect fit and also accommodates growth over time.

Depth Adjustable Seat

Because not everyone is the same the Rumba modular has a depth adjustable seat ranging from 16.5" to 19.5" in 1" steps. This means the suer get the correct seat depth and a comfortable seat position but also ensure the right weight diostribution optimizing performance. A high end feature offered on a Mid range chair!

Height & angle adjustable backrest

Not only is this backrest padded for extra comfort and removable for storage and transportation but it is also height and angle adjustable so your dealer can tailor it to you maximizing comfort.

Wide Range of Options

Unlike other chairs in its class the Rumba modular is available with a wide range of options form headrests and accessories to Powered Reclining backrests and Elevating legrests weather your seating requirements range from basic to compelx the Rumba Modular can support it all.

The Rumba Modular's compact base and tight turning circle make indoor driving safe and simple. Manoeuvering through tight spaces is safe and easy thanks to the Rumba Modular's smooth drive, nimble performance and speed adjustable controller.

Outdoor driving is safe and reliable with the Rumba Modular. High performance motors and a programmable controller deliver a smooth yet powerful ride, whilst the well balanced folding frame design ensures safety, stability and user comfort across uneven ground.

A range of seat widths from 37cm to 53cm can be accomodated and the backrest provides 42cm to 50cm of seat depth adjustment built into every chair. Adjustments on the Rumba Modular are quick and simple to make. From only two standard frame sizes healthcare professionals can tailor the chair to a client's individual requirements and with the range of modular options both comfort and clinical objectives can be achieved efficiently.

The Rumba Modular is available with a wide range of options including comfort, positioning and manual or powered options. All options are modular in design so adding them requires no complex alterations or additional parts, so not only adjusting but also reconfiguring the Rumba Modular is simple and efficient

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