Product features:

multiplies the user's residual arm strength

two drive wheels, complete with integrated motor and electronics

product version A suitable for active wheelchair users (arm strength boost up to 1.5 times) optium support, especially when driving up or down steep slopes

product version B suitable for wheelchair users with low arm strength (arm strength boost up to 3 times, optimum support on the level and on slight slopes)

nickel-metal hybrid battery, also as interchangeable, rechargeable battery

charging station for easy charging (85-275V)

also with mounted drive wheels, the wheelchair remains foldable

optional 22" drive wheels

Technical data:

Drive typre - wheel hub motor, direct rear wheel drive

Max speed - up to 6km/h (3.72mph)

Steering - push ring activation right and left (manual wheelchair principle)

Approximate driving range - up to 15km (9.32miles)

Maximum permissible ascent - depending on manual wheelchair

Standard maximum obstable height - depending on manual wheelchair

Anti-tipper - depending on manual wheelchair

24" drive wheel weight - right 7kg left 6kg

Electronics weight - integrated into the drive wheels

Battery pack weight - 2.9kg (6.39lbs)

Total weight - 16kg (35.27lbs)

Maximum load capacity (inc wheelchair) - 120kg

Battery - nickel-metal-hydride (NiMh) 24V 6.7Ah

Charging time (battery drained) quick charge process 2.5h, refresh charge process 9.5h

Electronic - integrated into the drive wheels

Motor power - 2 x 90W

Maximum torque - type A: 25Nm, type B: 20Nm

Compatible Otto Bock wheelchairs - Start M2/M3/M5, Avantgarde VR/T, Motus

Compatible third-party wheelchairs - adaptable to most wheelchair models common in the market

This item is exempt from VAT