Greencare db1 wheelchair
Greencare db1 wheelchair

Greencare db1 wheelchair

Side Arm panels are available in 2 heights with comfortable scalloped armrests that can also be position adjusted. As an option the armrests can come fitted with ARMALITE high visibility "see and be seen" safety lights. To ease access to the chair, both side panels lift up and out of the way. The translucent polycarbonate side panels that enhance the chairs appearance are available in attractive green or smoky black. They are flexible and virtually unbreakable.

Easy height adjustable footrests with foot plates for larger or smaller feet are adjustable for alignment, improving comfort and eliminating the dangerous gap between the plates. The footrests swing in and out to get out of the way. This means you can get close in a bathroom or to worktops in the kitchen when you need to.

Aluminium push rims are standard but the 24" wheels can be fitted with luxury ergonomically designed polyurethane push rims. These rims, exclusive to this chair, are always warm to the touch and are kind on the hands (and door frames) as they never scuff and become sharp like traditional push rims. Shaped to fit the hand they improve grip and make pushing easier.

Multiple positions for the front castor wheel means your chair can be made more manoeuvrable or more stable, with a choice of wheels between 6" (150mm) and 8.5" (215mm) dependent upon what you use the chair for. Big wheels means outside obstacles are easier to climb whilst small wheels give more compact turning.

If you need to be pushed, or if you are someone caring for another, you can choose a standard 12.5" (315mm) wheel or have the ultimate exclusive option, a 16" (405mm) wheel. The improved ease pushing a chair with a 16" wheel has to be tried to be believed. The 16" wheels are detachable (option) at the press of a button. So if you are going to transport your chair in the back of a car the lift weight of the chair could be reduced to about 11kgs making it the lightest modular chair currently available.

If you want to propel yourself you can choose between 22" and 24" wheels both available as easy removable quick release wheels. (Bigger users can even choose a 26" wheel). Tyres are a new design from the world famous Greentyre Puncture Proof Tyre Range. The tyres offer the same ride as a pneumatic without the hassle of ever blowing them up!

This is one of the best chairs for comfort around today but you can even add a tension adjustable back system to give greater flexibility to your seating needs. To ease transporting and storage, the wheels and footrests can be removed and the backrest folds down even with the tension adjustable back.


A Huge range of seat widths

Aluminium handrims

Choice of Wheels

Lightweight yet tough and reliable

Seat Fastening velcro

Free Tie down Points

Can be changed between Self Propel or Transit version

Available in Aluminium Silver

Greencare DB1 Wheelchair

Capacity: 175kg

Seat Depth: 15" (380mm) 17" (430mm), 19"

Seat Width: 15", 16", 17", 18", 19", 20" 22" & 24"

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