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At a glance

Compact indoor and outdoor wheelchair

Individually adjustable

Telescoping front frame

Combines functionality and design


Strong motors

Basis for electronic seat functions and special controls

Product Features

6km/h, optional 10km/h (4-pole motors)

60 Ah wet cell and optional 63Ah gel batteries

Centre of gravity can be adjusted by means of the telescoping frame

Electric lighting and 2 actuator outputs included

Drive wheel suspension, battery drawer system and bumper included

Service - friendly thanks to battery drawer system

Technical Data

Top speed 6km/h, 10km/h (optional)

Battery Capacity 60Ah/63Ah

Range Approx 35km

Charge Time max 12h

Control Unit enAble50

Net Weight 115kg

Maximum User weight 140kg (180kg optional)

Crossing obstacles 5cm (10cm optional)

Climbing Ability 17%

Width 64cm

Length Inc Footplates 104cm/119cm

Turning Radius 76-94cm

Seat Height (without cushion) 45cm/50cm/55cm/60cm

Seat Width 38-42cm/43-48cm

Seat Depth 38-46cm/42-50cm

Seat Inclination 0/3/6 degrees

Back angle -9/1/11/21 degrees or 0/10/20/30 degrees

Seat Tilt 30 degrees electrical

Back Height 45cm/55cm

Frame Colour Dormant sky blue, silver metallic, dormant sparkle red, sparkle granny smith, sparkle light orange

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