B500 B500


At a glance

Individually adaptable

6 km/h, optional 10 km/h

60 Ah wet cell batteries and optional 75 Ah gel batteries

Setting of the center of gravity by means of the seat position and 2 distances

between axles

Electric lighting optional

Seat height 45/50/55/60 cm with a standard seat

Optional contoured seat and Recaro seat modules

The B500 belongs to the new generation of power wheelchairs. Thanks to its modular design it offers various individual adaptation possibilities. Seat height and seat inclination can be quickly and easily adjusted wherever you are thus representing the basis for more independence. What's more, the B500 looks very attractive, since the designers deliberately chose to abstain from cladding the parts. The B500's optimal driving security and individual adaptation possibilities allow you to move freely wherever you like it and to enjoy your activities to the full.

With the modular building block system separate construction of chassis, seating units and control individual adaptations can be easily made. The two standard seats allow for adaptation of the seat width, seat depth, seat inclination, back angle, position of the arm pads and legrests to the individual. Optimal driving security is ensured by options such as front wheel suspension, a curb-climbing assist, a caster swivel lock or the bumper. These features guarantee permanent ground contact of the front wheels, overcoming of 10 cm curbs and safe riding on ramps and in elevators.

B500-S: Always right on track!

The B500-S is individually adaptable, too. A mechanical stabilizer helps the wheelchair stay on track, even when driving sharp bends. The front wheel drive enables the B500-S to master obstacles with ease, while giving the wheelchair its safe and dynamic driving style. Other proven components,

such as the VSI control and drive, provide for further reliability and quality.

This item is exempt from VAT