Cobi-Rehab Shower Commode Wheeler

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Aimed at designing the best shower commode wheeler on the market.

It is designed for easy access, independence, safety, and caregiver terms. The 24” rear wheels provide more directional stability and smooth pushing.


Bariatric Shower commode wheeler is designed to help a bariatric user weighing up to 325 kg during transfers to and from the bathroom, in the shower, and during lavatory use.


The inside width of the Shower Commode Wheeler by Cobi-Rehab is 61/71 cm, but using a five cm high PU foam seat and seven cm free space to the armrests allows the body mass to fall instead of fading out to the sides.

The footrest can carry 100 kg each and is also side and width adjustable. It makes access to intimate hygiene possible. Moreover, people with the tissue placed on the inside of their leg can sit with legs apart (up to 110 cm) and still have foot support. The footrest is covered with PU foam.

The commode wheeler has a split toilet seat, along an open hole measuring 44 cm and 22 cm at the widest point. It eases access for caregivers and avoids incidents.

The ability for bariatric users to reach far back to reach the armrest is usually not present. Therefore our Bariatric Shower Commode Wheeler has extra-long armrests. The armrests measure 64 cm and stick out 7 cm from the seat base, thus supporting the hands of mobile users. It enables the user to get into the chair by him/herself. Another option is the butterfly armrests. Butterfly armrests add 14 cm to the seating width.

The space between the backrest and seat has a clearance of 32 cm. This gives space for a possible bulbose gluteal region and enables the caregivers to reach for the sling and position the user better.

Maintenance and cleaning

The white frame components and the seat and armrests may be cleaned with water and a household detergent. To thoroughly clean the seat: unscrew the four screws under the seat and clean. Make sure to fasten the seat properly again.


Cobi Rehab


Technical Specifications

Maximum weight capacity325 kg |
Seat width
standard armrests
24" | 61 cm
28" | 71 cm
Seat width
butterfly armrests
29.5" | 75 cm
33.5" | 85 cm
Total outer width
standard armrests
27" | 68 cm
31" | 78 cm
Total outer width
butterfly armrests
34" | 87 cm
38" | 97 cm
Seat Depth22" | 56 cm
Seat height21.5" | 55 cm
Seat to footrest15.7" | 40 cm
16.5" | 42 cm
17" | 44cm
18" | 46 cm
19" | 48 cm
Width of footrest23 - 43" | 58 - 110 cm
Pushbar from floor39" | 100 cm
Width between armrests21" | 54 cm
Height of backrest19" | 48 cm
Height of footrests15.7 - 19" | 40 - 48 cm
Floor to seat height17.5" | 44.5
Total length51" | 129 cm
Total weight33 kg | 73 lbs
Front wheels5" | 12.5 cm
Rear wheels24" | 61 cm
SeatPressure moulded PUR foam


AccessoriesOrder Number
Butterfly armrests left
(add 14 cm to seat width)
Butterfly armrest right
(add 14 cm to seat width)
Bedpan with cover0140-999-001
Standard footrest right0150-999-008
Standard footrest left0150-999-009
Full size seat for shower commode with bedpan and cover, 61 cm0150-999-022
Full size seat for shower commode with bedpan and cover, 71 cm0150-999-023
Calf support / amputation support right0156-999-030
Calf support / amputation support left0156-999-031



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