F5 Corpus VS

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  • Vertical standing ability, everywhere
  • A great hybrid for indoor or outdoor use
  • ActiveReach, ActiveHeight & Corpus® Seating System

Standing ability, everywhere.

Standing effectively promotes greater independence and reduces the risk for secondary complications associated with long-term sitting in wheelchairs. The F5 Corpus VS by Permobil includes all the power seat functions of the F5 Corpus in addition to standing and drivability while standing. It should be prescribed for users who want to benefit from standing but cannot stand independently.

Stand comfortably and confidently.

Standing offers the best reduction of load on the sitting bones, which helps to reduce the risk of pressure injuries. There are many functional, health and psycho-social benefits associated with standing in wheelchairs.

Corpus: the ultimate seat system

Improved comfort, pelvic positioning, lateral stability and immersion are all key objectives of the new Corpus seat. The new Corpus cushions feature softer two-layer foam on the backrest, a re-designed pelvic well and Stretch-Air™ cushion fabric. Combined with BodyNatural, the new Permobil Corpus seat is the ultimate seat system for power chair users up to 150 kgs, whether they require power functions or not.


BodyNatural is a unique system from Permobil, designed to harmonise and combine the movements of the power seat functions to support the body’s natural movements.

Intelligent Control System (ICS)

Soft start/soft stop function ensures smooth seat movement. Memory function remembers your 3 favourite seating positions.

Adjustable ergonomic

Chest bar for comfort and confidence.

Personalise your ride

Choose from a range of UV-resistant chassis colours. Easy to clean and easy to mount.

Adjustable backrest angle

Allows custom adjustment in a standing position—Features BodyNatural sliding movement.


Automatically follow your positioning and stay at the same comfortable angle no matter what seating or standing position you choose.

Agile suspension

Exceptional ride quality thanks to fully independent 4-wheel suspension, which absorbs bumps and minimizes vibration.


It extends as it elevates to follow the body’s natural movements.

Keeping it clean

Optional rear-wheel mudguards protect the user and the motors from splashes and dirt.

Safer driving after dark

Optional LED lights front and back for improved brightness and visibility




Technical Specifications

Maximum User Weight136 kg | 300 lbs
Maximum Speed7.5 mph | 12 kph
Base Width25.5" | 65 cm
Base Length43" | 109 cm
Base Turning Radius30" | 76 cm
Ground Clearance3" | 8 cm
Drive ElectronicsR-Net 120A
Seat-to-Floor Height17.5” | 45 cm
18.5” | 47 cm
19.5” | 49 cm
Seat Elevation14" | 35 cm
Posterior Seat Tilt0° - 50°
Backrest Angle - Power Recline85º - 180°
Power Elevating Legrest90° – 180°
Seat Width17 - 23” | 42 - 57 cm
Seat Depth14 - 22” | 37 - 57 cm
Backrest Height23 - 28” | 58 - 71 cm

Battery and Charger System

It takes you further Premium performance

Peace of mind

Permobil has developed a new battery and charger
a system that offers you 25% more capacity than the previous battery.
A state-of-the-art charger contributes to 50% longer
battery life and improved all-around reliability.
So you can travel further, with more peace of mind.

Takes you further

than ever before. Compared to our previous battery system, the new battery system offers 25% more capacity.

Longer battery lifetime

Thanks to optimised charging with the new Permobil VoltPro charger, the battery life is increased by 50%.

Travel independently

The new Permobil batteries meet all applicable transportation requirements and are not subject to any restrictions.

Your safety

Tested and verified for use on Permobil power wheelchairs, our own design ensures the correct weight and centre of gravity, which is important for the stability of your chair.

Free MyPermobil app

You can connect with your chair and get access to real-time battery capacity and driving distance in kilometres and hours. The app features an integrated map with your travel history and shows your actual seating adjustment angles.



The new Permobil battery delivers 25% more capacity.


so you can travel further with confidence


means fewer battery replacements


for reliable performance

THE MyPermobil APP

gives the most up-to-date information on individual driving range estimates and battery charge


Tested and verified for use on Permobil power wheelchairs


Permobil users with the previous battery system may be possible to update to the new Permobil battery system.

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F5 Corpus VS User Manual


VS Seating User Manual


MyPermobil App Brochure


Battery and Charger Brochure


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