RampCentre Aerolight Lifestyle Ramp

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Full-width safety, easy handling and simple storage

The innovative Aerolight Lifestyle Ramp by RampCentre – Enable Access is built to last with precision engineering and a durable finish.

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The premium multi-folding ramp for safe wheelchair access

Full-width safety and easy handling; excellent for use in the car and at home

The innovative new Aerolight Lifestyle Ramp from Recare is a leading choice for full-width mobility scooters and wheelchair access.

As the ramp consists of two halves, it is light to carry and easy to store.

RampCentre vehicle loading ramp icon Enable Access RampCentre Up to 9 foot Long Ramp

Suitable for Vehicle Access

Up to 9 Foot Long

Access Ramp Suitable For Stairs Access Ramp Suitable for Threshold Wedge

Suitable for Step Access

Suitable for Threshold Access

Ultra-Lightweight Ramp

Lightweight Access Ramp

Folding Access Ramp


Highest strength-to-weight ratio scooter ramp available

Incredibly compact for storage and transportation

Easy loading and unloading of wheelchairs

New rigid handles for safety and ease-of-use

Safety hinges with pinch protection




Technical Specifications

Product CodeLengthRamp WidthLip WidthWeight LimitProduct WeightStored Dimensions Length x Width x Depth
AL186′ | 180cm29″ | 74cm27.4″ | 69.6cm350kg | 770lbs7.4kg | 16lbs95 x 37 x 25cm
(37 x 15 x 10ins)
AL217′ | 210cm29″ | 74cm27.4″ | 69.6cm300kg | 660lbs8.3kg | 18lbs110 x 37 x 25cm
(43 x 15 x 10ins)
AL248′ | 240cm29″ | 74cm27.4″ | 69.6cm250kg | 550lbs9.3kg | 21lbs125 x 37 x 25cm
(49 x 15 x 10ins)
AL278′ | 270cm29″ | 74cm27.4″ | 69.6cm250kg | 550lbs10.3kg | 23lbs140 x 37 x 25cm
(55 x 15 x 10ins)

Aerolight Access Ramp Features

Great for all types of wheelchair, rollators and scooters (2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 wheel types)

Easy to walk on the full-width grip surface

Simply deploy either way around

Available with different methods of folding to suit your needs

Custom sizes are available across the entire range

NEW modern “WOW” look!

NEW special tapered lip shape now fits into narrow doorways, with openings as narrow as, and facilitates entering the ramp from an angle!

NEW unique reflective lip feature for increased safety in low light situations

Highest ever strength-to-weight ratio, now up to 450kg capacity

Now even lighter!

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