TiLite Aero T – Aluminum Dual-Tube

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Pure geometry.

The Aero T’s dual-tube frame’s most advanced aluminium chair minimises weight while maximising performance. Add to that full adjustability and TiFit, and you’ve got something special.


Pure geometry.

Our most advanced aluminium chair, the Permobil TiLite Aero T’s dual-tube frame wheelchair, minimises weight while maximising performance. Add to that full adjustability and TiFit, and you’ve got something special.

Aero T Innovation

Ergonomic Advantage

Combining a minimal design with matched adjustability. Your backrest can now be adjusted in a matter of minutes. The Precision Lock Backrest offers infinite adjustments to meet your needs and be made while the user sits in the chair.

Precision Lock Caster

A simplified and more accurate way to square your wheelchair in under a few minutes. It is the only caster system that a single bolt can adjust with infinite adjustment positions.

Zero Play Camber Plugs

A much tighter feel to the chair, like a sports suspension in a car. CNC machined from billet aluminium to the highest tolerances. They remove any side to side movement from the rear wheels.

Balanced Ride

Permobil Manual wheelchairs are a balanced extension of you. TiLite chairs empower you and your potential with their lightweight, durable, and individualized configurations.


Rigid frame chairs are the lightest and highest performing chairs because they are constructed from the fewest possible components and have the fewest moving parts.

Maximum Adjustability

The centre of gravity can be moved forward, backward, up and down, and adjust all backrest options to meet your specific needs. Precision Lock components make these adjustments easier and faster than ever.

Ease of Transport & Energy Saving

Imagine no wasted energy with a swept-in dual-tube frame and fewer strokes throughout the day. Then introduce your imagination to the superior rigidity and optimal energy transfer of the Aero T. Want more’s? Then add ease of transport to rival that of any mono-tube frame.

How do you find a wheelchair suitable for you?

Contact us! You honestly can’t beat our expertise and knowledge in individual products, and our speciality is finding the right product for you! We don’t conduct assessments intending to supply the most expensive wheelchairs or powered wheelchairs.

Recare is highly recommended due to our unique specialist in a family-run business ethos of sourcing the product that fits your needs and maximises your quality of life, a wheelchair that means you can do as much as possible.

What do all the wheelchair options mean?

See the Recare Manual Wheelchair Guide to learn more about the wheelchair options available.




Technical Specifications

Frame TypeRigid
Frame StyleDual-Tube
Frame MaterialAluminium
AdjustabilityFull Adjustability
Custom ConfigurationYes
Frame OptionsSuperLite Edition
Heavy Duty Frame
Power Adaptable Frame
Reinforced Frame
Transport Weight5.4 kg | 12 lbs
Seat Width
12" - 20" | 30 - 51 cm
Seat Depth12" - 20" | 30 - 51 cm
Front Seat Height15" - 21" | 38 - 53 cm
Rear Seat Height13" - 21" | 33 - 53 cm
Camber0° | 2° | 4° | 6° | 8° | 12°
Front Frame Angle70° | 80° | 85° | 90°
Footrest Width OptionsStandard Taper | V-Front End
Folding backrest
Height: 8.5" - 21" | 21.5 - 53 cm
Angle: 80° - 101°
Center of Gravity Adjustment5" | 13 cm
Max. user weight120 kg | 265 lbs
159 kg | 350 lbs HD Option



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