Power Add-On

Revolutionary user-assisted wheelchair power add-on devices give you the best flexibility and control over your independence. Suppose you are looking for power support without changing your rigid or folding wheelchair. It is possible! Power add-ons provide the ability to tackle longer distances over varied terrain faster and more frequently. Enjoy venturing further afield in the knowledge you have all the performance you’ll need.

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    Benoit-Light Drive2.1-Wheelchair-Power-Add-On-10

    Benoit Systemes Light Drive 2.1

    From £4,995.00
    Lightweight power add-on turns manual wheelchairs into ultralight powered wheelchairs. Attached and detached in seconds, compact and easily transportable in any vehicle.
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    Permobil SmartDrive MX2+

    From £4,795.00
    Lightweight user-assisted power add-on suited for all types of wheelchairs enable greater mobility and independence where it is hard to push.
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    Benoit Systemes Light Assist 2.1

    From £4,500.00 Excl. VAT
    Effortless pushing of the wheelchair for the attendant! Efficient and safe manoeuvres. Speed control makes journeys together easier.
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    Benoit Systemes Light Drive 2.1 Mini

    From £4,995.00
    Instinctive, simple and easy to drive. Encourage children’s independence, help social development. Refit to a new wheelchair as your child grows.
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    Benoit Systemes Light Drive 2.1 Plus

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    Supports user’s weight up to 240 kg. Rugged and robust it enables users to enjoy the advantages of four powerful motors. Keep the lightness and mobility of your manual wheelchair.
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    Sunrise Medical EMPULSE R20

    From £1,470.00 Excl. VAT
    Whether uphill, downhill or on long trips, the R20 helps. Combining folding function and under 5 kg provides easy transportation and no impact when on the wheelchair.
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    Triride Mad Max

    From £5,600.00
    Unrivalled climbing abilities, combine it with the double battery option, and then you have a range of 80km on a single charge.
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    Triride T-ROCKS

    From £5,995.00
    It knows no obstacles for the Off-Road enthusiasts! Give the range to satisfy your freedom and desire beyond all limits.
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    Rehasense PAWS Tourer

    From £4,995.00£5,995.00
    With PAWS you can feel confident even in unexplored terrain. PAWS Tourer has the longest wheelbase so while the big wheel overcomes roots and uneven terrain, it also makes a smooth ride while touring.
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    Triride Special HP16

    From £4,700.00
    Guarantee the highest performance and the most demanding users. Perfect for challenging situations, well suited for the demanding user.
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    Triride Special L14

    From £4,500.00
    Essential for the larger or more adventurous users and all those looking for the top of the range. Perfect for dealing with the most challenging situations.
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    Electric Standard - Transparent

    Klaxon Klick Electric | Electric Tetra Wheelchair Power Handbike

    From £3,500.00
    When combined with manual wheelchairs, these lightweight yet robust hand bikes deliver exceptional powered propulsion.
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    Rehasense PAWS Cruiser

    From £4,600.00£6,000.00
    The big 16” drive wheel eats up the bumps for a really smooth ride. Get your PAWS on the track and easily overcome the obstacles in the all-terrain.
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    Klaxon Klick Hybrid

    From £5,900.00
    Physical activity with motor power to assist you in pedalling. It’s a perfect blend of technology and elegance.
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    Klaxon Klick Mini | Klick Mini Carbon

    From £3,300.00
    The ultra-compact folding manual wheelchair add-on handbike, ready to go in seconds. Easily transportable by aeroplane or other transport.
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    Rehasense PAWS City

    From £3,995.00£5,600.00
    Designed for city travelling. Choose 12" for the smoother roads or 14" if you expect a few more bumps. It is great indoors as well. It likes hard ground and even surfaces but can also cope with uneven pavement and curbs.