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Ottobock C1000 SF Powerchair From £18,432



C1000 SF standing wheelchair

The Ottobock C1000 SF allows the user to move from a seated position to a full standing position while remaining fully supported. Enabling complete hip extension the tried and tested C1000 SF is one of the few standing units on the market to make this possible.


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Stand-up function

Movements from almost any sitting or semi-recumbent position into the important extension of the entire body are enabled comfortably and quickly.

C1000 SF – illustration of the combi-function

Travelling while standing

The benefits of standing are diverse; in combination with mobility, new prospects are opened up. Uneven terrain can also be travelled on safely without large supporting rollers.

Travelling with the C1000 SF while standing

Biomechanical back

The adaptable, biomechanical backrest reduces shear movements while the pads and belts remain where they are supposed to be. Naturally, individual padding and back systems can also be used.

C1000 SF biomechanical back

Electric legrest

For a smooth transfer: electrically angle and length-adjustable legrests are a valuable addition and part of the combi-function.

The electrically angle-adjustable legrest supports a comfortable rest position, ensures pressure redistribution and has a positive effect on circulation.

C1000 SF electric legrest

Power seat tilt 15°

Power seat tilts up to 15° with the centre of gravity shifting enables a comfortable, physiologically correct sitting position.

C1000 SF seat tilt

Full suspension

With its weight-dependent full suspension, the C1000 SF offers a comfortable driving experience for everyday outdoor trips.

C1000 SF full suspension

Dual servo steering

The innovative dual-servo (DS) steering reacts directly and turns the chair in the smallest space. That makes the C1000 SF highly manoeuvrable and offers comfortable driving experience, indoors and outdoors.

C1000 SF dual servo steering

enAble50 control unit – everything under control

Correct positioning when sitting and standing is very important for selecting the input method. If necessary, the C1000 SF can also be extended with alternative inputs. Driving, seat adjustments and environment controls – all with one control system.

C1000 SF enAble50 control unit

Pads for safety and stability

Our flexible, multi-piece pad systems offer support where needed. Lateral supports in combination with the chest strap prevent sliding out of position and make you feel safer.

C1000 SF pads

Speeds 6 km/h , 7.2 km/h , 10 km/h   
Battery capacity 63 Ah gel batteries  
Range  35 km  
Control unit enAble50 (130 A)  
Gross weight > 214 kg  
Max. user weight 136 kg  
Obstacle negotiation capacity 75 mm  
Climbing ability 18%  
Length including footplates 1200 mm  
Width 650 mm  
Turning radius 925 mm  
Seat height 530 - 630 mm  
Seat width 430 - 480 mm  
Seat depth 370 - 530 mm  
Back angle > 45 degrees  
Seat tilt > 15 degrees  
Back height 550 - 650 mm  
Armrest height 160 - 260 mm  
Armrest length 370 mm  
Lower leg length 390 - 520 mm  
Charging time 10 hours  
Transport ISO 7176-19 PASSED