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Meyra Nemo Sit-to-Stand Powerchair (Discontinued)


New features:

  1. Memory function: Easy and fast storage of individual movement sequences and positions for therapeutically necessary adjustments
  2. Separate seat control keyboard for the direct selection and activation of up to 5 seat adjustments, also during driving. With an integrated USB port for charging mobile phones and tablets
  3. New colour options for more individuality

Fields of Application

  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • For independent mobility, for permanent and all-day use
  • Especially for users with stronger malfunctions, as e.g. high acquired or congenital paraplegia, craniocerebral trauma or muscular diseases in an advanced state (e.g. Duchenne muscular dystrophy), ALS, decubitus, disorders of the pulmonary function


  • The memory function allows for therapeutically necessary adjustments of the Nemo for each individual user. Movement sequences and positions can be stored easily and quickly. The following is possible: personal stand-up process, customised home and final positions, as well as up to 3 individual, desired positions, e.g. a shock, nursing or relaxed position.
  • The multifunctional seat unit convinces with most individual adjustment possibilities via its design as well as via specific programming possibilities of the electric adjustments
  • The seat unit supports long-term sitting and ensures physiological sitting and standing up in every position
  • Modular design and various possibilities of therapeutically required individual adjustments, also with numerous optional extras
  • Also available as Junior version with smaller seat dimensions


  • Size adapting seat unit
  • Back and leg supports can be electrically adjusted in combination as well as independently
  • Back and leg supports are equipped with automatic length adjustment for chair adjustments
  • The arm supports follow electrically, their angle adapts to the lying, standing and sitting position
  • Relaxing with the seat tilting function up to 25°
  • Stand-up-function from sitting position and optional also from lying position
  • Seat height adjustment of 300 mm plus further 150 mm in connection with tilt-in-space


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Multi-functional seat unit allows the user to sit, stand, lie and relax at any time and coming from any position, for independent mobility in permanent full-time use


Biomechanical back with electrically retractable armrests for ergonomic standing and individual, harmonious movement sequences


Modular design with high seat width variance, many adjustment possibilities and special equipment for a wide range of possibilities of therapeutically required customisation


Electric footplate, for all lower leg lengths, that can be lowered down to the floor for easy transfer


Separate seat control keyboard for the direct selection and activation of up to five adjustments, also during driving, for even simpler and more convenient operation and control of the wheelchair


Control module with a large 3.5" colour LCD display for comfortable operation of the chair and built-in infrared/Bluetooth for easy smartphone and environment control




Head support

Lateral supports

Pelvis supports

Chest harness

4-point harness

Pelvic belt

Lumbar support

Therapy table

Abduction wedge

Accessory net

Custom-made holders for oxygen cylinder or ventilator

Horn, reinforced

Numerous extra controls

Occupant restraint system

Seat width Senior 320 - 540
Seat width Junior 200 - 360
Seat depth Senior 430 - 550
Seat depth Junior 350 - 470
Seat height 560 - 860
Electric tilt-in-space 25°
Back height 58
Back Tilt 90°- 150°
Shank length Senior 380 - 530
Shank length Junior 290 - 450
Armrest height Senior 200 - 235
Armrest height Junior 170 - 205
Length with footrest 1,200
Width 660
Height without headrest 1,130
Transport dimension length 950
Transport width min. 660
Transport height 1,050
Wheel size front 356 x 84 (14“)
Wheel size rear 230 x 70 (9“)
max. obstacle height 70
Turning radius 700
Permitted gradient 63 Ah (5h), 73 Ah (20h) maintenance-free ca. 35 
Empty transport weight min. 185
Client weight max. 100
Permitted overall weight 295
Additional loading max. 10
Driving Speeds 6
Motor performance W 6/10 2 x 300
Driving range max. 35
Permitted gradient 12 %
Type of steering indirect

Dimensions in mm, Weights in kg, Speed in km/h, Tolerance ± 10 mm