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The Juvo is the latest powerchair from Ottobock offering a choice of drive bases and a choice of sophisticated seating solutions to improve comfort, health and functionality. Which drive is best  [more..]

Price from £3,695.00

Jive M2 Sedeo Ergo

Introducing our most advanced mid-wheel drive powered wheelchair to date, featuring NEW SpiderTrac 2.0 suspension, a NEW advanced Sedeo Ergo biomechanical seating system, NEW C-Me technology and the  [more..]

Price from £11,550.00

Salsa M2 Mini Redline

The Red Line version of our popular powerchair redefines style once again. The good looks of the original Salsa M2 Mini have been reimagined with a sleek matt black chassis & base, complemented  [more..]

Price from £6,995.00


At a glance Fresh new design for the drive unit Frame colours black and cream Suspension for riding comfort Compact and manoeuvrable Easy handling Many options, straightforward and  [more..]

Price from £2,118.00

Salsa M2 Mini

Say no more to compromising on indoor manoeuvrability and outdoor performance thanks to the new Quickie Salsa M2 Mini. Introducing the world’s narrowest mid-wheel drive performance powerchair with a  [more..]

Price from £5,165.00


At a glance Individually adaptable 6 km/h, optional 10 km/h 60 Ah wet cell batteries and optional 75 Ah gel batteries Setting of the center of gravity by means of the seat position and 2  [more..]

Price from £4,146.00

Jive M Hybrid

The Jive M Hybrid combines our bestselling seating and highest performing base. It is the perfect Hybrid for outdoor and indoor use! The Quickie Jive M Hybrid offers our most extreme performance  [more..]

Price from £6,050.00

Jive Up

Discover the next evolution of the JIVE powered wheelchair family - the JIVE UP standing wheelchair. Combining the indoor agility and outdoor high performance of the JIVE-M with a multi-functional  [more..]

Price from £17,105.00

Trekinetic - Power GTE

• Advanced design, British manufactured 3 wheel, front wheel drive power chair • Splits into 3 transportable parts in less than 60 seconds, depending whether by carer/companion or occupant   [more..]

Price from £9,495.00

Quickie® Jive M

Technical Data: Seating Seat angle - 0deg- +30deg Seat depth - 40-56cm (15.5-22") Seat width - 40-56cm (15.5-22") Seat height - 42-48cm (16.5-18.8") Backrest angle -10deg to +40deg Backrest  [more..]

Price from £7,480.00

Quickie Hula

The Quickie Hula‘s true mid-wheel drive position means it can literally turn on the spot for great indoor manoeuvrability. A narrow width of just 63cm (25“) enables easy access through doors and  [more..]

Price from £2,475.00


At a glance Compact indoor and outdoor wheelchair Individually adjustable Telescoping front frame Combines functionality and design Manoeuvrable Strong motors Basis for electronic seat  [more..]

Price from £6,175.00


Options: Quick clamp for seat angle adjustment - mechanically seat inclination up to 20degrees Curb climber obstacle height up to 10cm Product features: individually adaptable can be  [more..]

Price from £2,725.00

Otto Bock E-Support

Product features: multiplies the user's residual arm strength two drive wheels, complete with integrated motor and electronics product version A suitable for active wheelchair users (arm strength  [more..]

Price from £6,076.00

Quickie® Rumba

Width Adjustable Armrests Built in adjustment in the armrests allows each chair to be tailored to the client ensuing a perfect fit and also accommodates growth over time. Depth  [more..]

Price from £2,915.00

Quickie® Salsa M

Low seat height For easy table access the Salsa is fitted with 12" or 14" wheels, 30" power tilt module and 4x 0.8" seat height adjustments. Giving the Salsa compact dimension for indoor mobility.  [more..]

Price from £5,445.00

Quickie Salsa R2

The Salsa R2 incorporates a great indoor and outdoor performance. Indoors the compact base and low seat to floor height (starting from 42cm) ensures easy access under tables. Outdoors the adjustable  [more..]

Price from £4,395.00

Pride go chair

FEATURES: Easy to remove battery pack Leightweight frame Disassembles into four manageable pieces Fits in most vehicle boots Top speed 3.5mph (5.5 km/h) Twin motors for traction and precision  [more..]

Price from £1,450.00

Jive M Black Edition

Discover head turning style and unparalleled performance, the JIVE M Black Edition combines high-end performance, innovative technology and a custom Black Edition styling package for the highest  [more..]

Price from £10,175.00

Pride lx power chair

FEATURES: A sturdy foldable frame Clothing Guards Swing-away footrests with heel loops Fold down back length adjustable controller bracket Push handles Removable rear anti-tip wheels Lap  [more..]

Price from £1,650.00