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What is BodiTrak2 Pro Pressure Mapping?

The BodiTrak2 Pro is a powerful and comprehensive system used by seating rehabilitation professionals around the world to assess and report patients’ pressure management, posture, and comfort needs. It provides confirmation of the best-personalised surface and positioning solutions for the client based on the objective data.

Minimize Risk & Maximize Quality of Life Using Evidence-Based Decision Making

Powerful data collection and easy to understand graphic displays help identify patient requirements for standard or customize product solutions.

Four scan comparison display assists the clinician in choosing the four most relevant pressure maps that represent the patient in their; current solution, on a mat table, on a possible solution and a preferred solution.


Easy-to-use wireless technology provides consistent, reliable comparisons of patient pressure profiles

More Effective Assessment Times

User-friendly SmartFabric sensor technology provides instant and accurate interface pressure data for seat, seat and back, O.R. pads, bed, feet or balance. It is also a great biofeedback training tool.

Pressure-Mapping: Reducing Risk & Improving Well-Being

According to research conducted at the University of Pittsburgh, pressure mapping combined with clinical reasoning can reduce the incidence of pressure injuries by 12%.

“Our findings suggest that clinicians should incorporate the use of pressure mapping into their clinical practice to guide them in the process of wheelchair cushion selection for people at high risk of developing pressure ulcers."




Step-by-step assessment tool


Guides you through patient data, assessment, pressure-mapping and reporting


Standardizes patient information


Communicates the effectiveness of surface choices and positioning solutions


Ensures complete, documented assessments


Organises evaluations by date in one file


2D and 3D image support


Moveable dispersion index box


Adjustable colour scale